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What is Graduate+?

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Graduate plusWhat is it?


'Your Award, Your Skills, Your Future'

Graduate+ is an extra-curricular awards framework which complements your degree. It is designed to capture and provide evidence to help you grow as a future graduate whilst preparing you for your individual career aspirations.

As a student of Birmingham City University you are an automatic member of the Graduate+ community and we whole heartedly encourage you to get involved and engaged in a range of opportunities available both internal and external to the University. You will have the chance to experience and develop new ideas whilst making long-lasting network and social contacts throughout your time at University and beyond.

How does it work?

The award is made up of different levels which reflect the range of activities that you have been involved with. These activities are designed to demonstrate your understanding of the BCU Graduate Attributes listed below:

Creative Problem-Solver


Professional & Work Ready

Global Outlook 

In addition to this you will also get the chance to really showcase a broad range skills and competencies as you move through the different levels of the award as follows:

Bronze level - Attend, Explore & Discover

Silver level - Experience, Test & Build

Gold level - Extend, Challenge & Reach

For the silver and gold level you must complete 50 hours and 100 hours of an activity respectively and then answer a question about your experience using the STAR technique structure. For more information on the questions you need to answer, follow the links above and read more about the Graduate+ attributes.

Once you have completed all three stages of the award, a special tier known as platinum will unlock. To complete a platinum submission, you must complete 150 hours of experience in one of the activities listed and then submit a reflective essay about how you have developed the aspects one of the four Graduate+ attributes.

To begin filling in your award, simply click here.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at 

Feel free to come in and talk to us for tips and advice around how to complete the award. We can also talk with you on the phone or meet you for a one on one appointment!

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