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What is Graduate+?

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Are YOU ready to stand out from the crowd? 

Graduate+ is an extra & co-curricular awards framework offered to all students at BCU across all faculties & courses, it’s designed to help you stand out from the crowd, whilst preparing you for your future. 

We do things differently here, when you immerse yourself in everything we have to offer, you’ll be building on your current skillset, whilst having some fun too. You’ll have the chance to consider new ideas, network with others, attend events, work on projects – all of which will help you to grow both professionally and personally for your future, and beyond. 

How does the award work?

Our award framework can be completed over your entire degree during your time at BCU, giving you the time to dedicate to both your professional and personal progression, it works for your needs & ambitions. 

The award is made up of the following levels:

Bronze level Attend, Explore & Discover (A great intro!)

Silver levelExperience, Test & Build 

Gold level Extend, Challenge & Reach

Platinum levelThis secret level unlocks once the previous 3 are complete!

The bronze level is a great introduction into everything we have to offer, from online resources to events, it introduces you to key areas that you’ll find useful.

Our silver level requires you to complete activities totalling 50 hours, you’ll also be answering a question in relation to your experience, using the STAR Technique

Our gold level requires you to complete activities totalling 100 hours, examples include working a part time job, organising an event, & completing a work placement – the options are endless!

Finally, our secret platinum level unlocks, here you are required to complete activities totalling 150 hours, along with submitting a reflective essay style answer evaluating your overall experience. 

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