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Graduate+ Platinum

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Platinum Level

Once you have completed the previous 3 levels of the Graduate+ award, something exciting happens… you unlock our secret platinum level!

Like for silver & gold levels, you are required to reflect on your experiences, this time for activities that took 150 hours or more to complete. The word-count for this level is slightly higher, this is because you’ll be doing a reflective exercise rather than using the STAR Technique like you did for silver and gold. 

During your reflection you’ll be asked to consider how these experiences have impacted on your professional andpersonal development, for example, you might think of the following questions: What have I learnt? How will this benefit me in the future? 

When completing your reflection you have the option of using a reflection model to base your answer around, below we give a breakdown of the Driscoll Model for you to use. 


The first aspect of this reflective model is to understand what happened. You should ask yourself: What is the purpose of returning to this situation? ...what occurred in your words? ...did you see? Did you do? ... What was your reaction? ... What did other people do?

 So what?

This aspect is all about understanding the context of what happened. You should ask yourself: What were your feelings at the time? ...are your feelings now? Are there any differences? 

Now what?

You should focus the final area of your answer and where to go next. This is about making sure you act differently in the future and internalise the areas you believe you can develop. To do this, you should ask yourself: Now what are the implications for you, your colleagues, the patient etc.? ... What needs to happen to alter the situation?

Remember, if you need any extra help in completing any level of your award, please pop into our offices located on the ground floor of the Curzon building for city centre, & the SU office in the Seacole building for city south. 

Plus, don’t forget we have our regular award workshops to get extra tips and advice too, which can be found here!

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