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Togetherall is an online mental health and wellbeing service offering self-help programmes, creative outlets and a community that cares. When you're dealing with everyday stressors or major life events, we'll help you get through it!

How It Works

At the heart of Togetherall is its community of members, who support, help each other and share what’s troubling them in a safe and anonymous environment. The site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – no need to wait until morning, the next business day or for a doctors’ appointment. You can find support simply by logging on.

To ensure safety and anonymity, the site is monitored by clinically trained ‘Wall Guides’, who are online 24/7. We know that finding help when you’re distressed can be hard, so our Wall Guides are also there to help you feel welcome and guide you on how to get the most from our services.

Community Support

Connect with others who are experiencing similar issues and share what’s on your mind while gaining support and advice.


Your anonymous username allows you to freely interact and communicate without fear of being judged.

 Creative Outlets

Design an artistic expression of your thoughts and feelings through our “Bricks”. Create from scratch or simply upload images and words.

Focused Courses

Join our “Guided Support” courses with others to learn how to manage everything from depression and anxiety to weight-management and stopping smoking.


Safety and security is a top priority for Togetherall and there are several features in place to safeguard members including: 24/7 moderation by clinically trained ‘Wall Guides’, privacy rules and security guidelines.

Self-Improvement Tools

Learn tips and find ways of coping using our valuable resources. They give you lots of information about many conditions and topics to help you understand more about your feelings, set goals and track progress.


Take assessments to help you understand more about yourself and the best way to manage challenging situations.

Personalised Suggestions

Based on your interests we offer you suggestions to help you feel better. Your customised ‘home page’ is your personal journey and keeps everything you do on Togetherall in one place.

To access your Togetherall account click here. 

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