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What is Graduate+? A students perspective

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As a first-year BCU student going into my second year I have looked back to see what I can do differently in the years that are to come, even though my year was very different because of a little thing called, the global pandemic, I had to battle some of the same issues as many students that came before me. One of those issues is making myself employable. Every student has this problem and most do not even think about this until their final year, by then most likely it is too late.

That is where Graduate+ comes in, even though Grad+ does not help with placements or jobs it is there to help give students the skills and resources order to make them more employable.

Graduate+ is an extra & co-curricular BCU awards framework offered to all students at BCU across all faculties & courses, there are three awards that students can earn by completing a set of activities throughout their time at university. The awards are Bronze, Silver and Gold, these awards allow students to Attend, Explore and Discover, Experience, Test and Build and Extend, Challenge & Reach. Each award helps you learn the skills you need for your future.

The Graduate+ website is simple to use and helps you find all the resources you need to complete the awards and find more to make you stand out for the future.

I was hesitant at first to get involved with the award but I am glad that I did as I have been able to attach the skills I earned through completing the bronze award to my CV, to make it look more professional and stand out to employers. 

Graduate+ is open to everyone who studies at Birmingham City University, whether you’re an undergraduate or a postgraduate, whatever the course, you can use Grad+ to your advantage to make you stand out to future employers.

Some resources that Graduate+ offer is the Information Portal, CV360, LinkedIn, and many more that will help you understand what you need to do to get the best out of your university experience and get ready for the future.

Graduate+ has everything every student needs to help them prepare for the future. As a student who has completed the Bronze award and has started the Silver award, I would recommend every BCU student to complete the awards available to them and use the Grad+ resources as much as they can.