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What Graduate+ can offer YOU!

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Today we are taking the time to tell you about just some of the incredibly useful resources and services that YOU all have access to within Graduate+. You might of course be aware of the award and how it works in terms of bronze, silver, gold and platinum… but, we have a whole host of different programmes to now tell you about. 

The first resource we want to tell you about is, a personality platform where you get to discover just some of your hidden personality traits, it’s an easy to use and simple tool that we just know you’ll love!

The profiling only takes you 15 minutes to complete which means you could easily do it in between lectures if you wanted. It’s useful for a whole host of reasons, it goes much deeper than helping you to discover if you’re an introvert or extrovert, it tells you how you work best, it’s useful when doing group work in the future too on your course.

Finally, you get a free downloadable PDF report which goes into detail about your personality and why you do what you do!

To get started in completing yours check out the website -


Next up is JobFit, we know you’re going to enjoy this one! JobFit is an online virtual game where you get to build on your employability skills for the future. It’s fun because it almost reminds us of a Sims virtual experience, you’re working shifts in a hotel that get significantly busier as the levels go up, it’s testing how well you handle stress, how well you handle having a heavy workload and distractions along the way.

It only takes a maximum of 1 hour to complete too, also, you’ll get a free report to read at the end which breaks down your results easily for you to discover what you need to work on moving forward.

To start JobFit check out the website -


Let’s talk about Curriculo… it’s the career and leadership game changer, something we know you’ll love and enjoy using a great deal!

Curriculo is made up of 5 different levels which can be completed as and when you want, they compromise of the following key themes…

  • Level 1 – The science of team working & a personal skills audit.
  • Level 2 – Aligning personal ambitions with employer needs.
  • Level 3 – Building a personal profile that appeals to employers.
  • Level 4 – Selling yourself at interview.
  • Level 5 – Researching and developing your personal career plan.

Curriculo is a great platform to focus on YOU, you get to set goals, create a career plan for your future and identify your key transferable skills.

To get going check out the website to create your profile -


Let us introduce you to Blackbullion, a money saving website and app which I’m sure you’ll agree, is perfect for students wanting to save money & be more mindful for your future.

The website is super easy to use, it’s made up of different interactive modules made up of videos which cover a variety of financial topics, such as: student finance, credit cards, budgeting, loans etc. If you want to get your finances into a good shape for the New Year why not challenge yourself to the 21 day budget challenge, let us know how you get on!

Check out the website to get going -

Rosetta Stone 

Finally, we have to speak to you about Rosetta Stone! Are you interested in learning a new language, maybe you want to brush up on your old French skills… if so, this platform is definitely for you! Rosetta Stone is a learning language platform where you can learn a language, learn multiple, you can do it slowly at your own pace to work alongside your studies too.

To get going and to register for your free account through Graduate+, check out the website -

Along with these key resources we also work in collaboration with the Careers+ teams, volunteering and the BCUSU! We’ll speak more about what these services can offer you in a future post from us. We look forward to see what resource you enjoy!