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Welcome Week: Try me Thursday

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Today is Try me Thursday which is all about challenging yourself to come out of your comfort zone. 

Here are a few of our Graduate+ resources for you to try which will help you find out more about yourself!

We started off the day with our Quote of the day:

“You can’t spell challenge with change. If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you.”

Complete your profile to discover yourself - P.S. This is one of the activities on the Get Ahead Bingo.

At Graduate+ we have a passion for personality, everyone is unique, and we all have our own identity, let’s unlock yours with, a strength based personality indicator! It is an online platform which is designed to help you gain a deeper insight into why you do what you do, it’s a lot deeper than being labelled an introvert or extrovert. 

The profile takes only 15 minutes to complete, you’ll answer a series of short questions, and in doing this you’ll be presented with a unique PDF report of your personality and traits. The best bit, within the report you’ll get to see what your strength areas are, along with your stretch areas to develop your skills moving forward.

Once you have completed your profile, you can add this as an activity to your Bronze award!

The Graduate+ team would love to see what you have been up to during Welcome Week, please send us your selfies and tag us #BCUGraduatePlus on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Do you want to learn a new language? Sign up with Rosetta Stone today - P.S. This is one of the activities on the Get Ahead Bingo.

Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Perhaps you have basic skills but want to gain a deeper understanding? If so, Rosetta Stone is for you!

Rosetta Stone is an online learning language platform that you have free access to within Graduate+, it’s made up of individual modules that you can navigate through as your proficiency progresses.

By registering for an account with the platform you can use this activity against your bronze award. For the silver level you need to complete levels 1 & 2 of Rosetta Stone, and for the gold level you will need to complete levels 3 & 4. 

Join a society - P.S. This is one of the activities on the Get Ahead Bingo.

Don’t feel under pressure to join societies you have no interest in. Think about your interests, what you’d like to try and don’t be afraid to give it a go!

Tomorrow is Feel Good Friday! You can expect insightful interviews, useful tips and more! Plus, don’t forget to check back on the blog tomorrow evening for a re-cap of Feel Good Friday.

It’s never too late to join in the conversations. If you’d like to get in on the action, head over to our socials now and talk to us in the comments, double-tap if you’re enjoying the content and take this week to really reflect on all your first few days of university.