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Welcome Week: Terrific Tuesday

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That’s a wrap for Terrific Tuesday!

Today's theme focuses on being fearless to build your confidence. 

We know that starting university is an exciting experience and have shared with you some BCU student stories where they speak about their first year of university.

We started off the day by sharing our Quote of the day:

“Your only limit is you. Be brave and fearless.”

At the start of the day we heard an inspiring Tedx video, where educator and activist Brittany Packnett shares three ways to crack the code of confidence. She speaks about how to build your confidence and spark it in others.

Keep reading to access the range of resources, stories and watch back the videos…

We then shared our 5 top tips for starting university:

Join a society – Don’t feel under pressure to join societies you have no interest in. Think about your interests, what you would like to try and don’t be afraid to give it a go!

Ask for help - If you don’t understand something ask your lecturer. You may help other students who are stuck but are too afraid to raise their hand.

Use your time wisely - Manage your time and don't leave your assignments till last minute. If you are struggling, there is support such as your Personal Tutors, Lecturers, Library services and BCUSU.

Don’t leave referencing till last - Learn how to reference properly within the first month of university. Check out the referencing guide on the Centre of Academic Success website. Complete your referencing as you progress through your assignment.

Enjoy every moment - Time speeds up when you’re at university so make sure to enjoy every second of it. It’s filled with so many opportunities and new experiences for you to enjoy!

Later on our BCU student vloggers, speak about their university experiences at BCU such as studying, accommodation and cooking. Check out the Life @ BCU channel for top tips on preparing for university.

Coming up tomorrow… is BCUSU’s Big Welcome and the Graduate+ team are so excited to ‘virtually’ meet you all.

Join us on Microsoft Teams tomorrow from 11am – 4.30pm.