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Things to do During Lockdown!

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Today student blogger Christine Goco shares with us her top tips when it comes to staying at home during lockdown. From baking to learning a new skill, there is sure to be something to satisfy you!

Lockdown Diaries 

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been on lockdown and travelling outside is very limited and only available for essentials. So, with so much spare time on our hands that even Phineas and Ferb would be envious of, I have comprised a small list of things to do while in quarantine.

Do some Cooking

 Baking and cooking. At the start of the lockdown, many people were buying pasta and leaving the shelves empty. Most people know that pasta is one of the main food groups of a Uni student. So, over these oncoming weeks why not try and learn a new dish to cook or bake. YouTube is a great way to learn and you can easily follow along.

Be Productive 

Get some work done. I know during this time it’s so hard to get motivated and make yourself productive. However, with all this time, you can get a lot of things done and get things checked off your list. The best part is, you can do as much or as little as you want- as long as you finish it. The sooner you get it done, the more time you have to yourself.

Start a new Hobby

Start a new hobby. Now is the best time to broaden your horizons and find new interests. A great thing about graduate+ is they have resources that can help you discover your new hobby. For example, want to learn a new language - sign up to ‘Rosetta Stone’. There are so many languages to choose from like, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Latin. There is ‘Curriculo’, an online learning platform to help you build skills to help you even after University. There are so many resources to help and guide you, so take advantage of it.

Journal your Feelings

Keeping a journal. As a way to keep track of what’s happening and something to remember this weird bit of history, write it down in a spare notebook that you have. Journal your ideas, doodle in it and talk about your day. It’s a great way to organise your thoughts and express your emotions about this whole ordeal. You never know, you could be the modern-day Anne Frank and a hundred years from now your journal will be used as a primary source in history classes.    


Last but not least, workout. Keep moving and keep active. It’s so easy to just sit around and do nothing the whole day, so why not work on your fitness goals and work out. I am sure your future self will thank you for it.