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Summer Bucket List!

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Today we have a treat for you all! Student blogger Aysha Bateman shares with you her top tips for keeping busy this summer, whilst having a great deal of fun too! If you’ve got spare time on your hands Aysha provides some awesome recommendations…

For a lot of students, summer holidays can get boring; especially when many people have decided not to go abroad. Often it feels like you’re just letting time go idly by whilst waiting for the next year to start. Even if you have a job to fill the void there still doesn’t seem like much to do on your days off, except rot in front of your games console or aimlessly scroll through social media. Having fallen victim to the above statements myself, I decided to get up and do stuff! I have provided a list of fool-proof ways to make the most of your time away from education.

For the Sunny Days

Put on your sun lotion, grab your friends and soak in the Vitamin D!

Picnic in the park

If you haven’t already had one, a picnic is a great way to bring your friends or family together. Make sure everyone brings their favourite snacks and drinks to share, pump up the music and play some outdoor games.


This is the ultimate experience to make you at one with nature. Summer is the best time to do it because you don’t get too cold at night. Camping is great if you don’t mid mud and bugs. A less adventurous version could be camping in your back garden. All the excitement of sleeping outdoors but with the comfort of having your house on standby.

The Botanical Gardens

The sun brings the plants, flowers and creatures to life in any garden. Now imagine a huge, beautiful garden with hundreds of different types of plants. This is the perfect setting for a date or for catching up with people you haven’t seen in a while.

For the Inevitable Rainy Days

British weather; don’t let it stop you having fun.

Do a puzzle

There’s nothing better than 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle to get your brain ticking on a gloomy day. Jigsaws are not for everyone but get the rest of your household involved; you can solve it faster and make a new memory.

Trivia Night

This is a new take on the classic pub quiz. Gather your family, pour a couple drinks and become quizmaster for the night. You can find or create questions in different categories and have a winner for each round. Don’t forget to give out prizes, these can range from chocolate bars to you doing chores.

Movie Marathon

Turn your living room into a screening room for yourself or your whole household. You can build a fort to sit under or push the sofa aside and set out blankets and pillows. Whatever you do, don’t forget the snacks! If you want a lazy day in, this is the best option for you. You can watch each person’s favourite film or just watch a load of movies you’ve been meaning to get to.

As a group

Have you run out of things to do with your friends? Fear not!

The Sealife Centre

Explore the wonders of the ocean in the middle of the city. Watch the wondrous and intriguing creatures of the sea. Not only is this a great time to find the fish that look the most like your friends, but you will always learn something new about Mother Nature.

Go Karting

This activity is perfect for large groups, especially if someone is celebrating a birthday. Go Karting is great if you have a need for speed or an everlasting competitive steak. Let loose and have some fast and furious fun.

Museum & Art Galleries

Soak up some culture in a local museum or art gallery. Although this may sound like a boring history trip, you can spice it up in whatever way you like; you could do a scavenger hunt, take funny selfies with the statues or play a quiet game of hide and seek.

I hope this list was helpful for those who are finding it difficult to decide what to do with their free time. Whatever you do this summer, ensure you follow regulations regarding COVID-19 and plan ahead to avoid any disappointment.