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Student Skill Store

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Learn to Create, Design and Deliver brilliant Presentations with Student Skill Store.

Student Skill Store is an innovative new teaching resource for university students who want to learn how to create, design and deliver a brilliant presentation time after time.

Explore the Student Skills store below and watch these short videos to support you in your next presentation.

Episode 1 - Welcome to our Brilliant Presentations Course

In the first episode we meet the four students from Bath Spa University who are taking part in this series and find out about the presentations they are doing.

Episode 2 - The foundations of a brilliant presentation

Andrew shares the four key pillars of any successful presentation including a funny story that demonstrates the arc of miscommunication! And the students star getting to grips with our simple but effective, presentation model.

Episode 3 - Writing a Presentation Profile Document

Great presentations are built on solid foundations. Our unique Presentation Profile Document will do just that. Andrew takes the students through each section before they begin work on their own.

Episode 4 - Presentation styles and storyboarding

In this episode the students learn about 4 examples of different styles of presentations and then how to build their storyboards. We then spend time with each student, hear more about their presentations and they take us through their storyboards.

Episode 5 - The cake in a cup microwave challenge!

The students get to start learning to perform under pressure using a modern interpretation on the classic elevator pitch. Working as a team they must each summarise their presentations in 30 seconds while the microwave cooks a ‘cake in a cup’ for the film crew! Will the crew be happy, or will the student’s burn the cake? Have a look at this fun episode and see for yourself.

Episode 6 - Getting creative with slide designs

Having developed their storyboards, the students are keen to start getting creative with their slides. In this episode Andrew shares his top tips on slide design and how to maximise the use of different types of media to bring your messages to life.

Episode 7 - Practicing and getting ready for the big day

With their presentations finished, the students are given lots of tips and ideas about how to practice and get ready for their big day.

Episode 8 - Getting the most out of your voice

In this episode our guest expert, voice coach and Head of Bath School of Music and Performing Arts at Bath Spa University, Mark Langley helps the students get the most out of their voices. With techniques he uses with professional actors, the student’s nerves and fears are soon replaced with calmness and confidence.

Episode 9 - Handling the tricky Q&A

Many great presentations can end up in the ashes if the presenters are badly prepared for the question and answer session. Andrew shows the students how not to just survive the Q&A, but how you can prepare and make the most of it.

Episode 10 - The student's big day

The day of the student’s presentations has arrived! We spend time with each student before observing their final presentations and seeing how they feel afterwards.

Episode 11 - Perfect - the art of continual improvement

In this final episode we focus on the final part of the model where the students look at ways to constructively reflect and review their presentations and how to improve them for next time. We also find spend time with each of the students reflecting on their journey through the course.

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