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Staying Motivated this Summer!

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Bored at Home?

It’s the summer months, which means you might have a lot more time on your hands before starting back at BCU in late September. We’ve devised a list of different activities & things you can do to stay motivated over the coming months. With all of these options you’ll never feel bored again.

Refine your CV!

Now is a great time to dig out your CV and give it a spruce up. Think about the different placements or jobs you’ve done over the past year, many students can forget to regularly update their CV with the latest work they’ve done. This is a good time to do just that, and whilst you’re at it, you could also check out our CV360 tool and see what you can do to improve yours.

Check it out here

Write some Goals!

If you’re feeling a lack of motivation at present, why not set yourself some goals to achieve for the summer months. It could be to learn a new skill, plan your holiday for next year, spend more time doing something you enjoy… the list is endless.

Check out our eLearning Hub here, we have a whole array of videos and resources on keeping motivated, mindset & more.

Take Part in our Summer Checklist!

If you’ve been keeping updated with our blogs over the last few weeks you might remember us mentioning that we’ve recently come up with a fun campaign for you to work on over the summer months.

We’re asking you to take part in a series of online activities before the new semester starts. Tasks include signing up for Curriculo, Blackbullion, completing your profile and more.

To begin working towards this check out our website and pick an activity.

Learn a Language!

This one is definitely a challenge for you. Over the summer months why not learn a new language with our online learning language platform Rosetta Stone. You have the choice of learning a multitude of different languages, you can learn at your own pace at a time that suits you.

We only have a certain number of licenses to offer students each year, to access yours you need to choose the ‘Rosetta Stone Register’ activity within your Graduate+ bronze award.

Find out more here.  


Our 5th and final recommendation for you is to spend time reflecting on everything you’ve achieved in the past academic year. For most of us, sitting down and taking the time to look back on everything we’ve done and achieved can feel like such a luxury, it’s not something we have the chance to do that often.

Why not spend an hour with a pen and paper reflecting and being honest about the things you’ve achieved, what you didn’t manage to do, how you overcome obstacles and challenges etc.

This activity couldn’t be simpler, just grab a pen & paper and start writing about the year.

Summer Fun!

Those are just a handful of options you could consider doing over the summer months, but don’t forget to get outdoors safely and have some fun too. Before you know it September will be here once more, so now is time for YOU to do exactly what you enjoy most.

See you soon!