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Self Care

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"Self care is a divine responsibility"

Self care. A set of completely personalised, repetitive traditions that an individual completes as a way to prioritise their mental and physical health. 

Google says that searches for ‘Self-care’ is now up by 25% suggesting that more and more people are realising that it isn’t a luxury but it is a necessity.

Fun fact: setting a target to drink 2 litres of water a day for clearer skin or choosing a new diet (such as veganism) because they realise their immune system isn’t as good as it could be. Either way there is no right or wrong to self-care it is totally up to and based on the individuals needs. 

So, why is self-care so important?


With university deadlines fast approaching, the stress can sometimes be Overwhelming and looking after yourself by creating ‘me time’ is not looking like a risk you are willing to take. However, by avoiding crucial ‘me time’ you are allowing yourself to be consumed by stress. Stress comes with a range of major complications for your health such as; Headaches, depression and anxiety. So, self care may seem sacrificial at first however with time it will become second nature to you. In order to create a self-care regime it is best to create reminders or alarms specific to your needs on your phone. Whether it be; skin care, hair care, weight gain/loss/maintenance or practicing your religion. There are countless amounts of self care pages on Twitter and Instagram with many pictures and guides for you to follow.

 Ones to follow: @Skincarethreadsis, @Selfcarehub

This Christmas break I urge you to take time off if you still have deadlines to come. The key is to find the right balance, in order to do this you must organise your time around your self care efficiently, this can be done by:

  • The rule of 8 - if you feel that you have left your assignments to the ‘last minute’ then it may be beneficial to apply the Rule of 8 (8 hours- sleep, 8 hours- work, 8 hours to do what you want) to a few days out of your week. However you can alter this to suit your style of working.
  • Self care - during your time of self-care aim to completely
    relax. This way your mind will be clear of distractions and you can focus wholly on yourself!
  • Reminders - Set little reminders on your phone to prompt you to begin your routine and leave everything else behind.
  • Remember that Self care is not selfishness it is self respect. Don’t be put off by what others may have to say about your new routine, if it works for you (and you begin to see results) then that is all that counts.
  • If you are following a religion it will be beneficial to take 10-20 minutes out of your day for ‘you and God time’ in this time you can pray or read your holy book, this will help to clear your mind.

These steps should hopefully help you effectively form your days

The value of self love


Although both are very important to the individual, there is a big difference between the likes of self-care and self-love.

Self care (physical) alone is not suffice, to best take care of your being is to adopt self love in conjunction with self care. Self love focuses on the whole ‘Triad of self love’- Mind, body, spirit. Self love has been informally described as seeing yourself in your best form with eyes of love and acceptance. When you learn the art of self-love, the opinions of others are completely cancelled out by your new found love.

However, the path to self-love is not easily discovered. It’s about shifting your mindset, your belief systems as you expand and grow along the journey. This can only happen through the unfolding and discovery of self. For your consideration, I invite you to begin your self-love journey today. Go to a mirror. Take a long, deep look in your own eyes. Say out loud a positive statement such as “I love you” or “everything is going to be okay”. It may be difficult at first but with practice you will become more comfortable, being you.

Remember, you can not drink from an empty cup, fill yourself up first. You’re worth it.

Further support:

The NHS have a week devoted solely to self-care (12-18th November 2018). This focuses mainly of physical health for example informing people on how they can avoid minor to serious injuries and diseases for an overall healthier lifestyle.

There is an annual self care festival here in Birmingham every November find to find out more, click here.

If you’d like to hear about a personal journey to self care please click here.

If you find yourself struggling mentally and feel you have no physical help then you should sign up with Big white wall. This is a small organisation where you can anonymously share your thoughts, feelings and worries, they offer free support where you will get a reply from one of the team members to help you with your issues.

Finally, AbIntegro is also launching a segment aimed at self care, if you are interested read the graduate+ newsletter for more information.

Quote of the week- “self care is not selfish, self care is self respect!”