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Rosetta Stone learning with Graduate+

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In today’s blog, student blogger Lindelani Moyo speaks about Rosetta Stone a language learning platform that is free for all BCU students! Having the ability to know another language will always give you an advantage in life; both personally and professionally.

What is Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone is a language learning platform that is free for all BCU students, thanks to Graduate+! Whether you’re currently taking a degree course focusing on languages or not, having the ability to know another language will always give you an advantage in life; both personally and professionally.

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language or even have a more advanced understanding and just in need of a refresher Rosetta Stone is great! You can start with the basics and then developing your knowledge and understanding as you reach the next level of learning.

How does Rosetta Stone work?

Rosetta Stone uses language learning software through an approach called ‘Dynamic Immersion’. When you select a language course the software uses text, images, and pronunciation sounds to teach you the words and correct grammar through reinforced repetition. The words are then applied to real-world contexts for you to understand how it would be used in certain environments.

Can Rosetta Stone make you fluent?

Only you can make yourself fluent. Rosetta Stone is a great teaching tool as it allows you to hear the correct pronunciations and understand the translations of the foreign readings. Only you have the ability to apply what you have learnt into your daily conversations and activities, which will eventually end up helping to make you fluent.

Why language learning important?

Learning another language has so many benefits. People who are able to speak another language have been proven to have improved brain function e.g, improved memory, the ability to multitask and better listening skills. Likewise, professionally, being bilingual can lead to a higher salary and career advancement opportunities. Especially in the business world, where you would be communicating with clients from all over the world. Socially, knowing another language also puts you at an advantage, as being able to understand a person in their own language allows you to connect with them in a more personal way, and can result with new friendships.

Which Rosetta Stone course should I choose?

There are so many great language options available, you can learn Arabic to Vietnamese. Personally, I recommend choosing a language that interests you. This will help you in the long run on those one-off down days when you’re in need of some motivation to continue learning. If you’ve never learnt a language before I recommend choosing one of the easiest languages to learn which range from (in no particular order): English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swahili.

Rosetta Stone learning with Graduate+

Your Rosetta Stone learning also contributes to your Graduate+ awards, as you progress through the modules and become more proficient in your new language. Even your registering for Rosetta Stone contributes to your Bronze award. Once you complete levels one & two of Rosetta Stone it counts towards your Silver award and the completion of levels three & four count towards your gold award.

Sign up with Rosetta Stone here!