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Project Officer: Nikhara Korpal

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Today we had the pleasure of speaking to a recent Media graduate, who is now a Project Officer for the Graduate+ team. Let’s go and meet Nikhara Korpal!

Hi Nikhara, it’s great getting to chat with you today! Please tell us a bit about you?

Hello! I am Nikhara, I have recently graduated in Media and Communication at BCU. I’m currently working for Graduate+ as a Project Officer, where I will be working on wonderful projects and supporting you throughout the award.

What extra-curricular activities have you done whilst being at university? 

I have really enjoyed my time at university, I have been involved with work placements, joining societies and working on collaborative projects.

Work placements 

My Media course offers a range of work placements on a portal called JobBook. After looking through JobBook on my emails, I landed a placement for the BBC West Midlands community sports awards.

We produced short films on female boxers, dancers and hockey players, partnering up with BBC Sports Editor Nick Clitheroe. The three films were shown at the West Midlands sports awards.

I worked in a group with media students I hadn’t worked with before as well as meeting the nominees. I also had to familiarize myself with the equipment.

I felt nervous and apprehensive but in a team, we produced good quality work. We learnt to deal with challenges whilst filming and had to be flexible.

Joining societies

The freshers fair has always had information about societies. There is always a fear about joining them, especially if you are on your own.

Through encouragement and ‘give it a go’ sessions. I joined the BCU Women’s Football so I could become more fit and healthy. I played at matches with other universities and met people from different subjects which expanded my network of friends.

I also joined the Krishna Consciousness Society, which focuses on spirituality and the deeper meaning of life.

Joining these societies, helped me a lot during my final year to maintain a healthy mind and wellbeing.

Working on collaborative projects

I volunteered and took photos during International Welcome Week. Meeting many students from across the world, having completed this project it led to the Student Union asking me to create a video about diversity and inclusion at BCU which was called ‘We are International.’

It was one of my favourite projects to do because I worked with students on different courses.

I used the green screen studios for the first time. By filming against a green screen I was able to change the background using Adobe Premiere Pro editing software.

The video was successful and shared on the Student Union’s Facebook page for International student day.

Out of all of your BCU experiences, what has been your favourite & what have you gained from this?

Photography is a passion of mine. Whilst being at university I enhanced my photography skills, by learning how to use different DSLR cameras that I hired out from the Hires and Loans department. 

I also learnt how to use the photography studios and regularly used them during my time at university.

I posted my work on my photography Instagram page, many BCU fashion students asked me to take pictures of their final fashion collections. I was glad that I had the opportunity to collaborate with students from different subjects.

If you had the opportunity to do your university experience again, what would you do differently?

I wish that I had started BCU Women’s Football earlier, as I started in my third year. In my final semester of university my work was building up and I wanted to focus on my Final Major Project.

I really enjoyed playing Football and playing at friendly matches. In the society, there were socials every week which is a good way for students to get to know each other.

I wasn’t the best at football, but I had fun and gave it a go.

What is your advice to students starting the Graduate+ award?

I would definitely recommend starting the Graduate+ award as it helps students to stand out amongst others and develop themselves personally.

The award also encourages students to be proactive and make the most out of their university experience by trying out new things.

What was the best part about being involved in Graduate+ and why?

As a student it was great going to the Graduate+ weeks, I really enjoyed the Glass walk. It was a popular event, where many students supported one another. I also attended a few talks with inspirational speakers, where I met students from different subjects.

It has been great completing the Graduate+ award, I have learnt more about myself and developed my skills further by trying out new things that I had not done before.

On the Graduate+ website there are some useful resources such as, Curriculo and the online portal. They helped me to prepare for interviews and set myself career development goals.