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Preparing for the data-driven world with Qlik

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Data is driving an ever-increasing number of business decisions, therefore data literacy skills are no longer optional, but a requirement for today's modern workforce.

We are faced with a skills gap as only 21% of 16-24 year olds deem themselves to be data literate.

Qlik is designed to get you hands on with industry leading analytics software Qlik Sense and to improve your knowledge of theories and concepts in data analysis.

Check out this video on Preparing for the data-driven world with Qlik.

For instructions to register to Qlik, click here.

Once you’ve installed and used the Qlik program make sure to add your progress to the Graduate+ Award!

For Bronze you need to sign up and start exploring the resources.

For Silver, you must complete the Business Analyst or Data Architect Qualification and pre-requisite training modules.

For Gold, you will need to complete either the Data Literacy Certification or the Data Analytics Certification. A full overview of the “Prerequisites,” “Recommended Preparation Resources” and “Exam Topics” can be found here.”