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My favourite Graduate+ Week sessions

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My favourite Graduate+ Week sessions

My experience of the Graduate+ Week held in November 2021 was very delightful.

It was my very first experience of such weeks, having enrolled as a Fresher in September, and I absolutely loved it!

Amongst the plethora of events that were available, I was able to join 3 sessions:

Problem Solving and Reasoning | Tuesday 8th March | 2pm – 3pm | Book here

Referencing and Plagiarism | Thursday 10th March | 10am – 11am | Book here

Presentation in A Nutshell | Tuesday 8th March | 3pm – 4pm | Book here

All of them were enlightening but if I had to choose out of the three, my favourite would be the session ‘Presentation In A Nutshell’ where I learned a lot of things - from what a good presentation looks like - to tips on how to give a good one. These things stuck with me from that moment and have brought huge benefits to me within my course!

There were also many other sessions, such as:

Proofreading and Editing | Thursday 10th March | 2pm-3pm | Book here

Eco-Eats | Tuesday 8th March | 11am-12pm | Book here

How To create a professional employer-led CV/cover letter | Tuesday 8th March | Book here

I desired to attend them but did not have the opportunity to due to the seminars I had to attend to at the same time those sessions were holding. However, I found out that even after Graduate+ Week was over, the sessions would still be available to watch on the Grad+ On Demand website and I also got through those ones in my free time. Hence, I benefitted from Grad+ Week even after the week itself was over.

Check out our online Graduate+ Week programme, there is no limit to how many sessions you can book on to -