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My experience of using Rosetta Stone

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Today student blogger Inderjosh Heer, second year Nursing undergraduate speaks about his experience of using Rosetta Stone to learn Portuguese to communicate with others and the benefits of using the resource.

I have to say that learning languages was one of my favourite things to do! It was not till I started University where I started to lose a bit of interest due to the busy nature of my course. However, having friends who were from Portugal really inspired me to learn Portuguese and get to know their way of life. Even though they spoke English, I still wanted to learn and try to communicate in their language to challenge myself and would be certain that we would remain friends for life! Time was not an issue as the pandemic gave me the opportunity to time-manage my module work as well scheduling time to access Rosetta stone.

Rosetta stone itself is an amazing and simple app to use which can be accessible by all people. It gives you an option of beginner and intermediate levels which I thought was fantastic as I hadn’t even had the slightest idea on how to say “hello!” in Portuguese. I started right from the beginning from simple words and phrases to talking in paragraphs and when I had given a personal profile of myself to my friends in Portuguese, they were mind blown!!!!

I did not realise that an app such as Rosetta Stone would allow me to achieve that much as previous language apps have not been useful for my learning in the past. You would often get apps which were overly complex and ones that were quite simple, however Rosetta stone is just in the middle!

I think learning languages is a particularly important skill to have, especially if you plan to work overseas. Not only that, learning languages gave me insight to different cultures and ways of life which was able to give me a break from University work and allow me to explore the world even if it was from my bedroom window. I was still able to imagine and feel myself being in Portugal, communicating with people through learning in Rosetta Stone!

What does that mean for you?

1. You can get free access by the Graduate+ team.

2. You have access to a wide variety of languages!

3. Something to put on your CV!!

4. Goes towards your Graduate+ award.

What language will you choose? Find out more by contacting the Graduate+ team via our email or you can book a tutorial with us.