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Money Saving Made Easy with Blackbullion!

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Introducing… Blackbullion 

Today we want to reintroduce you to the world of money saving and budgeting with one of the many free online resources you have access to through Graduate+.

Blackbullion is an easy to use and interactive website / app that’s all about getting your finances in order with virtual courses, articles & modules on a variety of different money related topics including:

  • 21 days of saving challenge
  • Budgeting at university
  • Credit cards
  • Savings
  • Staying healthy at university 
  • Credit scores

Along with this, there are many more related modules for you to take, plus, just by registering for Blackbullion you can submit this as a bronze activity towards your award.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of a certain topic, you can complete more modules – if you complete 12 of them you can then submit this as one of your silver activities, so there are even more reasons why you should get started!

Get Going!

On your account it will also track your progress depending on how many of the different modules you’ve started, and completed, this results in you being rewarded with bullions, the more you do the more you’ll collect – it’s a fun, unique and innovative way of learning about the one thing all students need to do… save money whilst learning some useful tips along the way too.

Check out the website to create our free account today -