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Looking after your Mental Health

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Today we wanted to post something slightly different to what we usually would…

Lockdown has highlighted many things for a lot of us, mental health and our wellbeing just one example.

Within this post you’ll discover the different options available to all BCU students when it comes to looking after your mental health, whether you’re on campus or working remotely.

Big White Wall… 

The first resource we’re highlighting today is Big White Wall – a 24/7 online community you have access to free through your BCU account details.

The website is a place to connect with others who may be dealing with similar issues to yourself, you can chat 24/7 to a member of the team, along with taking part in different activities, including mindfulness and much more.

The community has a great feature where you can interact with other users in the form of the wall, here you can add a comment based on how you’re feeling, or perhaps you could use this to offer some inspiration to other members.

To find out more & sign up check out the website -


The next free resource you now have access to is Headspace, a mindfulness and meditation app. If you’re suffering with any form of poor mental health, particularly anxiety, for many meditation can provide relief and is used worldwide by many to relax, unwind and recharge.

If you’ve never tried meditation until now, using the app is a great start as it eases you in gently to the concept, trust me, it really isn’t what you think until you experience it for yourself. If you don’t have a large amount of time to spare that isn’t a problem, you can meditate on the app for as short as 3 minutes, going up to 10 minutes if you can.

To get your free account you need to head over to the Mindfulness module tile via Moodle, here you’ll find the sign up link -

BCU Wellbeing Support 

Finally, along with the previous resources you also have access to a multitude of support options via the Wellbeing Team. Advisors are on hand virtually to offer guidance and support, this could be if you have a pre-existing issue, or if you’re currently experiencing

difficulty, the help is always on hand whenever you need it. The university also offers a counselling service for students who need this, all students here have the option of requesting support when they need it. This includes a maximum of 6 sessions that can be provided to a student in any one academic year.

To find out further information about how the team can help you, check out the website -

You’re not Alone…

That’s a brief overview of just SOME of the free support you have access to when it comes to managing your mental health. Remember, if you’re struggling it’s important you reach out to us, so we can help you with the next steps.

We’re all in this together!