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Life of a Student Nurse in Lockdown

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Life of a student nurse in lockdown by Inderjosh Heer

This pandemic was completely a surprise to me this year, it was totally unexpected! As a first-year student nurse, it made me quite upset that I was not going to be able to attend university to meet friends and attend fantastic lectures. However, it was important that I adjusted to what was given to me in order to progress. Today, I answer some questions asked about what a typical day of a student nurse is and advice I can give to all of you.

What is a typical day for you during lockdown?

During lockdown, I try to make the most out of my day. This mainly includes getting a vast majority of my module work done, wider reading around subject matters to enhance my learning. I even made time in completing my bronze and sliver Graduate+ award as there was a no better time than now to do it!

What has been the biggest adjustment for you during this time? 

I think there were quite a variety of adjustments I had to make. One of them were staying at home. Normally, I tended to have a routine of going to Uni and placement, getting academic work completed as well as a chance for down time. However, working from home was quite difficult due to concentration issues as well as scheduling work. I have to say, it was far easier to go and work at university than it was to simply get up and open my laptop! But, as time went on, I began to adjust at home, getting physical exercise done before working which helped me focus as well as improving my mental health.

 Have you learnt a new skill or achieved something in lockdown? 

I took complete advantage over this lockdown period. For example, I brushed up my music skills in cello and guitar by taking online lessons as well as using Rosetta Stone, which has helped me to perfect my Italian. I found that doing all of this helped me maintain a positive mental attitude towards completing my academic assignments as well as social interaction.

What is the biggest thing you’ve gained during this period and how will you take this forward on your course? 

I believe that greater confidence and responsibility was something that I gained. As a nurse it’s important for us to adjust in nearly every kind of situation and we must act professional when doing this. In my situation, it was all about moving forward, not dwelling about COVID-19, focusing on the module work, believing, and trusting our module teams and leaders. I felt that by doing this, I had learnt far more than I would have done at university in terms of having to work in a different environment, taking that knowledge and skills gained into the second year of study.

 What advice would you give to students who may be struggling to adapt to working from home?

Many students have different circumstances. Some students may have children or family to look after, or even living away from home due to restricted travel, however my advice would be to self-reflect. If you’re struggling to maintain work, simply take a break. It’s completely normal to feel that way when in these circumstances as it will take time to adjust. Self-reflection/awareness is an important concept we use in nursing in a way to help us realise mistakes/ problems we have and focusing on ways to overcome these. Therefore, having a period of reflection may help you formulate some goals you wish to achieve which in time may heighten your motivation. Remember you are not alone. BCU have some amazing services you could contact for all kinds of support or even a simple hello.