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Level up - Journey to level 4

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What is Curriculo Solutions?

Curriculo solutions is a programme that enables you as a student to â€˜stand out’ from the crowd in the graduate employment market. This is done by a series of 5 levels which you must complete in a given timescale. In doing this you will be developing your key, vocational skills, these are highly favoured by the employers. In all, this makes the individual more desirable to employers as they can effectively vocalise what they believe they will add to the employer’s team.

Why is it necessary?

As a part of the graduate+ award, Curriculo solutions is not mandatory but it is an amazing opportunity, one that you should choose to be a part of if you wish to positively impact your future prospects and opportunities. By joining the Curriculo programme you will be joining a whole cohort of students in the same boat, ready to take their next steps towards their future. Once employers know that you have the academic ability to perform in the selected career field, they now want to get to know you and what you can bring to the table (or company) as an employee.

Completing level 3

Level 3 was titled - ‘Building a personal profile that appeals to employers’. As with previous levels this level has been extremely interactive with a variety of content from videos to demonstrations providing the appropriate visual aid to help me to not only complete the level with ease but to allow the content to remain in the forefront of my mind when the relevant situations arise. The level was composed of 6 sub sections as well as a review of learning.

One of the most useful subsections would be - effective communication and image projection, the main thing that made a lasting impression was the quote “the quality of our interactions with the people around us depends on our ability to communicate effectively and project an appropriate image “. The level has been quintessential in helping me develop my self-awareness when it comes to communication and the difference between self-awareness (which you should strive for) and self-consciousness (which you should aim to avoid). The guide to becoming more aware is known as The Johari window -

Public- Traits and skills that you as well as others are aware of. E.g - You are aware that you are well organised and others are not worried about you getting a task done on time Blind spot- Traits and skills that you are not aware of however, others around you are. E.g - You think that you are an excellent public speaker and always put yourself forward to deliver speeches, however, people that you work with may notice that you use comfort words such as ‘erm’, ‘yeah’. Private- These are traits and skills that you do not portray in the public eye. E.g - being able to sing or play the piano. Unknown- Traits and skills that not you or the people around you are aware of.

Another useful section covered the types of communication: verbal and non-verbal as well as the barriers to effective communication, for example; Interruptions, Time available, Attitude of the listener and status clashes. This was useful as we often ignore the barriers and this creates very ineffective conversations. Although closed questions are useful when gathering important bits of information we often rely on closed questions, therefore, ignoring open questions which are the form of question that will ignite the conversation and keep it going.

Finally, we explored how developing a personal brand is beneficial to us as individuals.

Why? When asked, employers believed that 80% of young people are now leaving education, ill prepared for work. So developing our personal brand whilst at university will help us stand out from the crowd to help us secure a job.

What did I learn from this?

This level has been very engaging and has allowed me to understand where the barriers may be in both verbal and non-verbal communication and I will now be able to apply this to both my personal and professional life.

Next steps

Now that I have completed level 3, I am able to progress o to level 4 - ‘Selling yourself at an interview’, with summer fast approaching this will be very useful when I go on to attend interviews for jobs/placements/internships for the next academic year.

Quote of the week: â€œSelf-awareness is the key to self-mastery” ~ Gretchen Ruby