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Let's Meet... Tauseef Asif!

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It’s not every day that we speak to a student and are left totally speechless by their dedication & self-belief, not only to Graduate+ and the wider BCU community, but outside of this too. We sat down with 2nd year Computer Networks student Tauseef Asif, who had more than one impressive achievement to tell us about!

1.  Hi Tauseef, it’s great to speak with you today! Tell us about why you decided to take the plunge & begin working towards your Graduate+ award?

“I started to work with Graduate +, because the activities and categories that were involved brings out the potential and a different aspect of life which makes you look at a person from a different perspective. Also, back in college I was a supported learning student. At that point, people thought I wouldn’t make it this far, but by the will of God and with my determination I came first in the IT department in my college and entered Birmingham City University. This proves that hard work and sincerity, you can achieve anything. Therefore, I started to work with Graduate+ because it brings out the nature of the person as well as their capabilities.” 

 2. You’re only in your 2nd year of your Computer Networks course, how many of the levels of the award have you completed so far?

“I completed the whole of my graduate + award including platinum within my first year, at the end of the 1st semester.”

3. Out of everything we have on offer within Graduate+, what have you benefitted from the most & why?

“The most beneficial one has been Volunteering, because I do lot of it in my spare time, with the young youths. This would include sport activities, getting them into education and also employment”

4. We know you are doing some incredible things outside of BCU – tell us about the youth organisation you work with & the role you carry out!

“The organisation that I work with is called Unite & Uplift. I have been volunteering for this organisation for 6 years now. The role that I carry out is helping to engage with the young people, sports activities, which include football, cricket and Kickboxing. Also helping people with their CV’s for employment and helping to choose the right field of education that they would like to go into.When it comes to education, I am always there as I always help school leavers and advise in which field they want to go for so they can have a settling career for themselves in the future.”

5. We heard you were given an “Unsung Hero Honour” by the community for your efforts? Can you tell us about that?

“By delivering my work in the community, I have been interviewed for a Sky documentary, showcasing my skills and talent as well as what role I showcase in the Unite & Uplift organisation. As well as that I have been interviewed by the Birmingham Mail and Asian World news for my progress of work and how I overcame my weakness and got into the light. As my mentor has stated that if you find someone on the ground don’t leave him/her there but raise your hand and make him/her feel that help is always here. Always go out your way to help people in any way you can. When people had heard my story and I got recognised, that is when I received the ‘Unsung Hero Honours’ title by the community.”

6. If a 1st year student wanted to know about the benefits of beginning their Grad+ award what would you say to them? How has the process helped you?

“Graduate + is a great way of starting things off, because firstly it looks great on your CV and secondly it’s an achievement and it needs to be showcased. This shows your true potential when you are talking about the activities and resources used in Graduate+. I feel it’s better to show something like this than blowing your own trumpet, especially in a job interview. Other than this you would gain so much experience, and Graduate+ are here to fully support you!”

7. We are so proud to hear you also have a published book out! Tell us more about that & how it came about?

“I published my own children’s book in December 2018 called ‘It will be Morning Again’ published by Xlibris publishers. This book took me approximately 2 years to complete. The story revolves around revenge, mystery, betrayal and deceit. It is now published on Amazon, WHSmith, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, and also throughout Asia too.

The way this had come about, is that I always enjoyed writing short stories in my secondary school time. I used to showcase those stories in the school’s library and students and staff always enjoyed reading them. I still remember as of today, students and staff especially in the English department telling me I should expand on this book or make a new one to get it published and make a name for myself. After I published my own book, I made sure that the school also received their copies of the book and I’ve had great feedback from it.”

8. What are your plans for the future? You’re only in 2nd year and have already achieved so much, you should be super proud of that!

“Yes most definitely I am always proud in what I do especially with the community work. Even if I help a little bit or inspire someone to do good, then it’s a blessing. If I achieve something, then it’s definitely something to be proud of, especially if it’s something challenging. 

In the future, my key plan is when I am finished with my degree, I will try to do something new to engage with the community especially with the youth. Also, I would like to have my own platform of a youth organisation where I will have facilities to play sports activities, and hopefully, I should be nominated for many more awards coming through the door as well. Also, I have planned my next book, which I will be starting to write very soon. Other than this I follow my own motto that I have made for myself. ‘Today... I will build my tomorrow’. This means today I will dream of my future today and tomorrow morning when I wake up, I will try to fulfil in making that dream come true.” 

Wow, what an excellent example of a BCU student who really has gone over & beyond to get involved with both internal and external activities. Tauseef is a credit to Graduate+ and the wider university – to purchase his book mentioned within this interview check it out on Amazon here -