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Let’s Meet…Olivia Thompson

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Today we have a brand new student case study to bring you. We had the opportunity to chat with Law student Olivia Thompson, who has just entered her final year. Let’s go and meet Olivia…

Hi Olivia, it’s great getting to chat with you today! Tell us about the course you study & a little bit about what a typical day in the life is for you?

I am currently studying Law LLB. A typical university day for me, consists of a 2 hour seminar, where we have the opportunity to work in smaller groups and discuss any pre-workshop tasks we have worked on. Then I’d usually have a 1 hour lecture followed by this. We tend to have only half days of teaching, which gives us time to fit in the essential reading time required for our course.

How many of our award levels have you completed and when did you achieve these?

I have completed all 4 levels of Graduate+! During the first 3 months of my first year, I began working towards my Bronze award (I had even completed a few of the activities without noticing), I then went onto completing my Silver and Gold award before the end of my first year. My Platinum award was achieved at the beginning of my second year.

Have you competed any work experience related to your course?

During my first year, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Personal Support Unit, located in the University’s very own Law Clinic. The volunteering scheme lasted for a duration of 3 months, for half a day each week. My role was based on the telephone to clients and I had the tasks of: providing clients with support (emotional and practical), completing my daily contacts timesheet and reporting back to the office manager. During my time at the PSU, I learnt how to manage emotional calls whilst remaining calm and professional. Furthermore,  I have also learnt how to correctly complete a variety of legal court forms. I think it’s great that students are given the opportunity to gain work experience at the University and I’m hoping to volunteer at the clinic again during my final year.

We know you also have also worked in the Graduate+ office. What is a typical day like for you there?

That’s correct! I’ve had a great experience working in the Graduate+ office and I’m really glad I’ve had the opportunity to support other students in achieving their own awards. As a Support Assistant, my role was to help students with their submissions, answer any queries, encourage students to attend our fun Graduate+ week and allocate certificates to students. No day in the office was particularly the same, which made my role even more enjoyable and allowed me to further expand on my skills.

If a new 1st year student wanted some advice on starting their Grad+ award with us, what would you say?

I’d encourage them to go for it. There are so many benefits to taking part in Graduate+, not to mention you can also include this on your CV. Check out the Graduate+ website, where you can get in touch with the friendly Graduate+ team, who are always happy to help. During my second year, one of my assessments actually required us to complete our Bronze award. As I had already achieved this, I found the module a lot easier and I was able to support my friends with theirs. I ended up getting a First in this module! You can always break down the awards, if you find this easier. For example, you could work towards your Bronze award for 3 months and then move onto Silver. But be sure to take note of all the great experience you’ve gained.

Finally, Olivia what does the future have in store for you? What are your plans now moving forward?

Currently, I am preparing to go into my third and final year of my Undergraduate degree. Pretty daunting but exciting times! Alongside of my degree, I’m hoping to do some further work with Graduate+ and the Law Clinic. As not only have I gained many transferable skills, but I think it all adds to my overall University experience really and makes my journey that little bit unique. After University, I’m looking into completing my LPC (Legal Practice Course) which is the final vocational stage of training, required to become a qualified solicitor. I’m also hoping to volunteer abroad in the future!