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Let's Meet... Nathen Birkett!

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Although the Graduate+ office is temporarily closed, we thought we’d take the opportunity to share some inspiring stories of BCU students who really have gone over and beyond in what they do. We’re always looking for students to chat with, if you’d be interested you can email the Graduate+ team at for more information.

We sat down with Nathen Birkett, a 2nd year design and performance student who’s really made the most of everything we have to offer here at Graduate+!

1. Hey Nathen, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today! What were your first impressions of Graduate+ when it was introduced to you initially? 

 “When first being introduced to the award, I felt nervous to start my journey with Graduate+. Nobody I knew on my course had started, so I decided to do something different and could tell it was going to be a big benefit to me.” 

 2. What made you take the plunge and get involved in the award and everything it offers? 

 “I took the plunge as I wanted to better myself as a person, I wanted to use my artistic talent and work with companies and collaborate with them, plus, I wanted to gain experiences and build up links for my future career path.”

 3. This is one of our favourite questions Nathen… how many levels of the award have you completed? 

 “I have completed my bronze, gold, silver and platinum award!” 

 4. It’s great to hear how much you’ve been getting up to! Outside of Grad+ what else extra have you been doing?

 “I’ve been working with companies such as boomtown, PunchDrunk, Eastside project, and local theatre companies. I have also got an Andrew Lloyd Webber award for collaboration.” 

5. What’s been the number 1 thing you’ve gotten from undertaking your Graduate+ award?

 “I’ve gained confidence in terms of how I’ve worked and also gained future links with companies. Graduate plus has allowed me to work through my strengths and weaknesses and has allowed me to reflect on myself as a person and artist – it’s been a super beneficial experience for me and I’m so glad I decided to take the plunge!”

 6. Out of all of the free online resources we offer, which one is your favorite & why?

“I’ve enjoyed using Rosetta stone, it’s a platform you can use to learn a language, and this has helped me massively, in terms of working collaboratively with artists and companies around the world, it means I’m able to interact with others who speak a different language.” 

 7. You mentioned to us you found using the STAR technique useful – how has this been of benefit to you?

 “It’s helped me to really reflect on what I’ve done, leant and accomplished. Using the award system helped me work closely with special needs schools to help change children's lives, and that if it hadn't been for Graduate+, I wouldn't be in a position I am in now from a work perspective. 

 8. Finally, what piece of advice would you give to another BCU student wanting to begin their journey with Graduate+?

 "Try it, you would gain so much and would learn a whole range of things your lectures can’t teach you. Graduate+ are there to help you grow as an individual and allow you the room to gain experience for your chosen future directions!” 

 Thank-you so much to Nathen for taking the time to catch-up with us, we can’t wait to see what else you achieve next! To keep updated with Nathen’s latest design work check out his social media platforms & website…

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