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Let's Meet... Jawaria Tanweer!

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Today we got to sit down and have a chat with 3rd year Accounting and Finance student Jawaria Tanweer all about her journey with us!

Hi Jawaria, it is great getting to speak with you today! Tell us about what first got you interested in the Grad+ award?

“The first time I became interested in Grad+ is when one of the advisors came to the lecture to give a talk about what is grad+ and what it provides to the students. I thought this is a great opportunity to get involved with learning, exploring, and discovering to give me a wider scope of employability. I was fascinated with all the things you could do and the skills you can gain from as well as what you get in return. When I started doing the activities I was so attracted, with how I can look back at the past put some of my experience into words. Not only this, the further you get to the level you can analyse and evaluate those experiences through the activities you choose. The best part of Grad+ is that you get to share your best/worst time and in return you get a badge and certificate to celebrate your achievement which you can put on your CV/LinkedIn.” 

You are currently on your placement year, where are you undertaking it and what sort of thing have you been getting up to?

“I am currently doing a placement at Younis Bhatti & Co Ltd as a Trainee Accounts assistant. My role involves: Administrative work (management of reception and director’s diary). Preparing the draft accounts for sole trader, partnership, and limited companies. Processing payments and invoices. Preparation of VAT returns and answering clients enquires on emails etc.”  

How many levels of the award have you completed, and which one was your favourite and why?

“I have completed the Bronze, Silver, and gold awards. Currently, working towards my platinum award. All the levels are interesting and something different to say on every one of them. However, platinum level is different from all the others as you reflect and evaluate on how you have developed. This gives you the chance to go in depth of what you want to say and list all the skills/knowledge you have learned in that time.”

You mentioned you enjoy fundraising for your community, can you tell us more about this?

“Every year I get together with my community and raise money for different charities or send the money to countries where poverty is rife. This fundraising is done in different ways e.g. the most common is we all set up stalls and sell food, clothes, toys, decorative antiques, and henna service. All the money made here is given to the charities.” 

Out of all the online resources we offer, which one was your favourite to use & why?

“Out of all the online resources I liked psychometric testing as it’s important to have these skills to help you get a placement or graduate job. By doing these tests have helped me to build my confidence as I am prepared for them. Also, the star technique is helpful in the interview stage and by doing this technique in these activities prepares me for future interview questions. To build my knowledge around my field I used software like Qlik Academic program which improved my data analytics skills and understanding of data. Finally, Rosetta Stone is good as well as it gave me an opportunity to learn a new language.” 

If you had to give advice to a new BCU student on starting their award with us what would you say?

“I would say have confidence in taking every opportunity you have access to. You will be amazed and surprised how much these opportunities will change you as an individual. You will gain so much from them that you can stand out from the crowd when you apply for placement/graduate jobs in the future. Not only this, you will have something to tell the interviewers when they ask you what you’ve taken part in during your time at university. You have 3 years to complete the 4 awards which have a positive impact on your employability. Finally, it looks fantastic on your CV/LinkedIn and you have a certificate as a proof to show employers when you go for interviews.” 

You tell us you represent your faculty as an ambassador, along with being a member of multiple BCUSU societies – can you tell us more about what else you get up to in & out of university?

“Alongside, my undergraduate degree, I represent the business school as a faculty ambassador. Also, I take part in multiple BCUSU societies. From First year of my degree I have been taking part in the student life interviews. Also, I am a member of the AAS scheme, I took an opportunity to do Prince2 course and the training course too. For next year I am planning on going to at least one of the educational trips the university organises. To build my skills/knowledge for the accounting sector, I do online software programmes like Xero, Sage50 and Microsoft office. These give me Badges and certificates as a proof that I know how to use them. Outside of university, I have many hobbies to do cloth designing, henna designs, sketching and cooking.”

Now you are drawing to the end of your placement year, what does the future hold next for you?

"To come back to university in September and complete the final year of my degree. After completing the undergraduate degree I will then start looking for suitable part time jobs and complete my professional exams towards my chartership."

 What a credit to BCU Jawaria is, another example of a student who has taken advantage of the endless opportunities and possibilities available within the university and beyond. If you would like to speak to us about your Graduate+ journey you can email us at