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Let's Meet... Jahed Miah!

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Today we are sharing with you a new student’s story – let’s go and meet Jahed Miah, a truly dedicated individual who has made the very most out of his time at BCU!

Hi Jahed, it’s great getting to chat with you today! Tell us about the course you study & a bit about what you get up to?

On the contrary, the pleasure is mine. Thank you for giving me the platform and recognising my diligent efforts.

I am a third-year student studying Business Management. My course covers many aspects surrounding business such as marketing, human resources, finance and operations management. By having an orientation in these diverse areas, this increases my overall business acumen and employability. As well as being a student, I work-part-time at Asda as a home shopping loader.

Outside of university, I enjoy spontaneous travels to unchartered territories and trying new things for my personal development. I do admit I am quite the erudite person as I have an endless passion for learning. In correlation, I tend to read a lot of fiction and non-fiction works to hone my cognitive capabilities.

Furthermore, I enjoy partaking in activities centred on mental conditioning such as intermittent fasting, vegetarianism, taking ice baths and jogging. These acts may appear as masochistic to the untrained eye; however, I do it to allow my mind to acclimate to adversity. As a result, I cultivate mental strength which I transition to other aspects of my life, such as my academics which serves me well.

How many of our award levels have you completed, and when did you achieve these?

I have completed all of the award levels from bronze to platinum and their corresponding activities. I initiated and achieved these awards in May.

Out of all the resources we offer? Which ones are your favourite and why?

Definitely the human resources with emphasis on the supportive members of staff behind the Graduate+ programme. I want to give a special shout-out to Jack and Simiah, as without their interventions I would not have been able to achieve these awards. They always propel themselves forward to answer any of my questions and guide me throughout the entire programme. This induces clarity and makes the endeavour of achieving the awards an enjoyable experience.

You tell us that you act as a tutor for many of your classmates on your course? Tell us more about what you do. 

I find myself inadvertently becoming a symbol of hope for students who require additional support within my course for the entirety of my university journey. Many students request my phone number and regularly reach out to me on WhatsApp to submit their questions and I do my utmost to give them the answers they seek. Furthermore, I voluntarily create documented blueprints/roadmaps for them to use to provide supplementary assignment support. However, before creating any framework, I verify my own work with my module tutors first. Once I’m given the green light, I proceed to create the supportive documents built on the heels of my validated understanding and send it to them. Moreover, I sacrifice my extracurricular hours to host mass meetings with groups of students where I literally play the role of a teacher. The only difference is I am not doing this for monetary incentives; the gratitude that I receive from my fellow alumni makes this activity rewarding for me personally.

During our chat you mentioned you use the Law of Attraction and are a big believer in it? Tell us more about the experiences you’ve had with it. 

Before joining BCU, I felt as if I was venturing down an aimless and fruitless road. It took the words of a special person who embedded the importance of having positive thoughts within me to reform my life for the better. From this fateful event, I learned the significance of the Law of Attraction and managed to transfigure my mode of thought, which was later followed by positive occurrences in my life, such as arriving at BCU, making irreplaceable friends and realising my potential both as a student and human being. Whenever someone is feeling down, be that a friend or stranger, the Law of Attraction gives me the power to offer the right words to inspire hope within them and make a difference to their lives, the same way someone beloved changed mine.      

You also mentioned you love going to the gym, what are the main benefits for you here & how does this help you with other areas of your life?

Going to the gym greatly benefits my mental and physical wellbeing. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or generally having a rough day I can always resort to the gym as an escape from all of my worldly affairs and derive comfort from having a safe open space that induces catharsis. I never regret a single workout as I am always left feeling satisfied and replenished. Additionally, this activity heightens my social skills as I often engage with various people of different ethnic origins, religions, languages and cultures, which allows me to walk away with something new from each interaction.

 If you had to give advice to a new 1st year student about starting their Grad+ award with us, what would you say?

Don’t think twice, just go for it! Take this from me as I walked in blind, but walked out satisfied with a newfound lens regarding my skills and experiences. Allow yourself to take a leap of faith now and again, you never know what you could discover. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The Graduate+ programme is designed to complement your degree and will give you an edge in interviews with future employers by giving you the platform to link key professional attributes and their corresponding skills with your own personal experiences. For instance, this is achieved through the activities which encourage the application of the STAR technique.   

Finally, what does the future have in store for you Jahed? What are your plans next moving forward?

They say man makes a plan and God laughs. All of the interconnected events within my life have led to me this very moment. Now that graduation is nigh, I am spoilt for choice with the multitude of avenues that I can gravitate towards. Particularly, I am at crossroads in deciding whether to proceed with further higher education or to opt for a graduate scheme. Whatever I decide, I have complete faith that God will guide me to the right decision as he is the best of planners.   

We were blown away by Jahed’s enthusiasm for both his course and the wider university. He really has gone over and beyond to provide invaluable support to his peers, and we’re thrilled we got the chance to share his story with you all! We’d love to speak with you about your Grad+ & BCU story, you can email the team at & we’ll have a chat!