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Let's Meet... Eden Cleaver!

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Today we meet a 2nd year HELS student who has totally proven just how much can be achieved within BCU when you really put your mind to it – we hope her story inspires you as much as it did for us. Let’s go and meet Eden!

Hi Eden, it’s great getting to chat with you today! Tell us about the course you study and what this entails?

I am currently in year 2 studying my BA Hons in Primary School with QTS. The course is teacher training so not only do I have my lectures at BCU around how to become a teacher, I also have the opportunity to have first-hand experience within school environments during my placements.

How many of our award levels have you completed and when did you achieve these? 

I have completed not only Bronze, Silver and Gold but also the Platinum award too. I have completed the awards across year 1 and 2 of university but I have only managed to put my experiences into words with the help of the Grad + team this year! 

You tell us you’re currently training to be a primary school teacher? Tell us more about the journey you’ve taken so far!

I have always wanted to become a teacher, even since I was little! I visited many universities for open days but it was BCU that I was drawn to from the moment I walked in. I have had such amazing experiences while training to be a primary school teacher- I was lucky enough to be placed in two schools that I have absolutely adored and will treasure those experiences forever. I have also stayed in touch with my year 2 placement school over lockdown, I have made a friend for life with one of the teachers there too.

 We hear you have also supported BCU as a faculty ambassador. Can you tell us more about what your role entails?

Yes, as an ambassador I have taken part in many open days at BCU- this role involves answering any questions alongside the lecturers (questions asked by not only the new students but also their parents) and leading tours around the university too. I have also been able to lead activities for the new year 1 students during their welcome week, as a year 2 student I could really relate to those who attended because I was in their position last year!

Out of all the resources we have to offer students, which one was your favorite to use and why?

I have used Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish, Rosetta Stone is free online through Grad+ which you can access as an activity and learn so many different languages, I love learning different languages so this was my favorite by far!

I also really like the STAR technique that Grad+ offer, this skill will be so useful when it comes to writing academically and can be adapted for things such as my CV, job applications and cover letters.

 If a 1st year HELS student wanted advice on starting their Graduate+ journey, what would you say?

I’d say start ASAP, it is such a good way of writing down all of your achievements as you go along. Not only is Grad+ good for your CV but it also helps you realise and remember just how much you really have achieved during university.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve taken from being involved in the programme and completing the award levels?

Grad+ has made me realise just how much I have achieved, and also accomplished while at University. It has helped me gain lifelong skills too which I can keep learning more about for my remaining time at BCU but also when I am a qualified teacher too. It has built my confidence up a lot in the sense where I now feel that I really can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Finally, what does the future hold for Eden? What are your plans now moving forward?

Moving forward, the future excites me. I will be going into my final year at BCU in September which is really scary! It has gone so fast but I feel ready to take the next steps and further my career path by getting my first NQT job for when I have graduated.

Eden was a total pleasure to speak to, she’s now experienced 2 years at BCU and next year will enter her final year with a clear focus and direction of where she wants to go next. Plus, she’s immersed herself within Graduate+ and has already completed all 4 levels, whilst juggling university work and placements too, which once again proves just how much can be done when you put the work in. Thank-you for all that you do Eden! If you would like to share your story with us we’d love to hear from you – email us at or message us via social media & we can have a chat!