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Learn a language with Rosetta Stone

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Rosetta Stone is a language learning app in which BCU students have free unlimited access. It offers 25 languages to choose from including Korean, German, and Arabic so, there is definitely a language for everyone!

I love learning languages and have been learning Spanish since around 2012 however, after having completed A-level Spanish and starting university my Spanish has become a bit rusty. Therefore, I decided to try Rosetta Stone and start with the beginner level to refresh my knowledge. I was amazed by the wide range of units available which include emergency situations, social life, and holidays. I enjoy how these can be completed in any order, unlike other apps that restrict you, as some topics interest me more than others.

My daily aim is to complete one lesson which includes a mixture of writing, grammar, listening, vocabulary, and pronunciation activities in my chosen topic. The activities give instant feedback which is extremely useful to know how well you have performed and what aspects need more practice!

In particular, what I really love about Rosetta Stone is the ability to practice your pronunciation. It provides many words and phrases that you have to repeat in your target language, and feedback is given in the form of colours (either red, orange, or green). This works well for me as I love to practice Spanish with native speakers online as a result, being able to know that I am pronouncing words correctly is a big confidence boost and gives me reassurance as speaking in a foreign language can feel daunting at times.

I would highly recommend using Rosetta Stone as it is a great way to stay occupied during the pandemic and it’s something you can look forward to doing every day. Best of all, I love developing my language skills so I am able to interact with people from all across the globe and learn about their different lifestyles and culture. No dejaría pasar esta oportunidad!! (I would not pass up this opportunity!!).

Register for a free Rosetta Stone account here or email us for more information!