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Keeping Motivated in Lockdown!

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In the past few weeks we’ve shared several posts with you that have tackled how we can keep busy during lockdown, we hope these have proved a benefit to you! Today one of our Graduate+ Project Officers Jack Walton shares his top tips for staying motivated during the ongoing lockdown.

Have a Routine 

When working from home it’s easy we stick to a schedule, just like we would when working on campus. Doing simple things like setting a daily alarm and having a work outfit ready for the day ahead will get you into a good mind-set. Secondly, throughout the day, be sure to take regular breaks, outdoors in your garden if you can. Due to many of us no longer commuting it means we won’t be getting as much natural vitamin d from the sun, so getting outdoors, even just for a few minutes, is important.

Set a Daily Focus 

In lockdown especially, the days can merge when you’re doing the same thing each day. There is nothing stopping us from making each day a little different, set a focus for your day each morning before you begin work. If you’re working on a project for example you could personalise your focus to this. Your focus will also mean you’re giving attention to your current work goals.

Set future Goals 

The next thing to do during lockdown to stay more motivated is to set some goals, no matter how small. Now we all have more time on our hands it’s a great opportunity to think about what you want to do next, be this in university or your personal life. What do you want to achieve, where do you want to go? These are great starter questions to ask yourself when considering your future goals. When you’ve got a better idea of what you want it’s then time to write these down as goals and put them somewhere you’ll see them each day, like sticking them on your bedroom wall.

Learn a new Skill 

A great thing to do during lockdown is to learn a new skill, once you realise how many options you have you’ll never have time to feel bored again!

LinkedIn Learning is a resource you all have access to through Graduate+, on there you have access to around 5,000 full-course & shorter length options. Adobe Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator are just some examples of courses you can take.

What skill have you wanted to learn but previously not had the time? What new skills will you need for the new semester in September? Check out LinkedIn Learning to find one for you here -

Pause & Reflect 

My final recommendation to stay motivated during lockdown is to use this time wisely, reflect on what you’ve achieved since 2020 began, the projects you’ve worked on & assignments completed. Think about the new connections you’ve made, the places you’ve visited, and how you have developed both professionally & personally.

We very rarely have chance to put the brakes on & reflect on our achievements, now provides the perfect time to do just that. You can write this down to reflect, type it up or just look over past memories from university & what you’ve done personally too.

Hint: this is a great practice to carry out before setting the future goals I mentioned earlier.

Over to YOU!

Now our Project Officer has shared with you some of his top tips for staying motivated during lockdown it’s now your turn! What is helping you through this period in time, message us via social media or email at we’d love to hear your stories!