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It’s never too late to complete your Graduate+ award!

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Graduate+ is an award programme available to all BCU Students.

It is made up of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These reflect the activities you have been involved with to go alongside your degree.

Bronze level - Attend, Explore & Discover – 12 activities

Silver level - Experience, Test & Build – 4 activities (50 hours each)

Gold level - Extend, Challenge & Reach - 4 activities (100 hours each)

Platinum – Excel, Accomplish and Exceed – unlocks when you complete your Bronze, Silver and Gold – 4 activities (150 each)

Why should you do it?

  • Build on your key skills and learn new ones
  • Access fun & useful online resources and programmes
  • Get recognition for your achievements
  • Do something different and step outside of your comfort zone
  • Learn how to use the STAR Technique for future interviews
  • Work towards your future

Graduate+ Sessions

The Graduate+ team are delighted to host and endorse a wide range of events through this semester to support the University's commitment to YOUR personal, professional and community development.

Get your Graduate+ Bronze award

Attend our Graduate+ Get your Bronze Award workshop where a member of the team will take you through the level, show you how to submit an activity, along with introducing you to the online resources we offer.

Graduate+ Silver & Gold Award: Understanding the STAR Technique

Attend our Graduate+ Silver and Gold Award workshop to gain a deeper understanding of using the STAR Technique. A member of the team will give you an overview of how to correctly use the technique, this will be beneficial for both your award & future interviews you attend.

Book on to our sessions on our Eventbrite page here, we look forward to seeing you!

Book a tutorial:

The Graduate+ Team is available Monday to Friday to support you through the Graduate+ Award and the different online resources available to you.