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Introduction to STEAMincubator e-Learning

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We have launched a new e-learning resource STEAMincubator, will support you in developing & succeeding as an entrepreneur.

STEAMincubator e-learning offers YOU the support you need to turn your business idea into a reality.

Our resource is very interactive focusing on planning business strategies, finding your target market, setting priorities, and adjusting for change.

There are 11 different topics which include:

  1. Success Mind Set and Inspiration - Understanding your motivations, how to use market research and market trends to review your ideas and challenge yourself.
  2. The Relationship between Sales and Marketing - What are the two main aims of the Marketing and Sales function? Complete an aptitude test to identify your personal strengths and get ideas of people you want to recruit.
  3. Financial Objectives and Forecasting - A self-learning tool to help you explore and set financial objectives for your business.
  4. Understanding the Customer - Identify and understand your market and your business options. Start to define the most effective and efficient areas for growth.
  5. Profiling your Customer - How you can create a customer profile and key buying messages for both consumer and business customers.
  6. Marketing Strategies/Routes to Market - Identifying the most appropriate routes to your market and the quickest, most cost effective way to communicate with your customer, and start to make sales.
  7. Creating a Sales & Marketing Plan - Build your Customer’s Journey and set Key Performance Indicators based on your marking activities.
  8. Opening Statement/Elevator Pitch - Using structure, verbal and non-verbal communication effectively to make the best impression and give you confidence in a business setting.
  9. Sales Cycle - Understand the sales cycle and what is required when selling products and services.
  10. Website & Developing a Creative Brand - Evaluating some of the critical elements of the branding process to define and design your brand.
  11. Social Media for Sales - How to plan your approach, manage your social media presence and measure the Return on Investment.

Learning about these topics will help you to enhance your business plan further.

Completing an e-Learning session can count towards your Bronze Award, simply search 'STEAMincubator e-Learning'.

To start your e-Learning visit -