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Introducing... The BCU Volunteering Team!

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Have YOU Volunteered?

Today we wanted to highlight a team who we work pretty closely with here at BCU – the Volunteering Team!

You may have already met them, the team of 3 are currently working across campus in Careers+ offices, along with the Graduate+ office in the Curzon building once we’re back working on campus. The team are essentially here to provide you with voluntary positions in the Birmingham / West Midlands area.

Roles Available

Each week new roles become available, the voluntary sector is fast moving, from working at a local community garden to volunteering for the West Midlands Police, all sectors are included, meaning there really is something for everyone.

The best bit… when you sign up for a volunteering position with the team you can then add this as a bronze activity to your Graduate+ award. If you complete 50 hours this can be used for silver, and 100-150 for both gold and platinum, giving you even more reasons to consider signing up for an opportunity.

Get Involved

To discover the multitude of roles available from the team you can check out the portal via the Careers+ website, you’ll just need your university login details to enter:

Along with this, the team have been organising drop in events on campus, and now we’re working remotely the team have been hosting virtual Q&A sessions that are conducted via Microsoft Teams, a great opportunity to meet the team and ask any questions you might have.

Follow them on social media to keep updated with all the upcoming events and opportunities:

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Twitter -

Why Volunteer?

Finally, we thought we’d touch on one of the most frequent questions we hear students ask – why should you volunteer?

Although you’re working for free, this will provide you with invaluable experience and will be a great addition to your CV too. These days the graduate job market is even more competitive than ever before, meaning you need things that are going to help you STAND OUT from the CROWD, a key tagline here at Graduate+, therefore, having any sort of voluntary experience under your belt is going to be positive.

The best bit about volunteering is the new connections you’ll make, meaning it’s good for networking, and who knows, you may even make new friendships too out of this. Finally, it means you’re giving back to the local community and helping those or a project that will truly value your contribution.

Contact the team today to start applying for your next volunteering role!