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Introducing LinkedIn Learning

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Today student blogger Inderjosh Heer is going to be introducing you all to a key online resource you have access to through Graduate+, it might already be something you’re familiar with, or perhaps it’s new… LinkedIn Learning is a platform made up of over 5000 short & in-depth online courses on a variety of topics for you to complete. Inderjosh explains more…

 LinkedIn learning - what is it? What does it do? How is it beneficial? These are questions you may ask yourself when first seeing it. This is simply a platform which our Graduate+ team offers which enables us students to achieve certain goals, and courses to improve our interpersonal and professionals skills which can be accessed any time of the day! If you are afraid of the time needed then these benefits should help you change your perception of this learning platform.

Key Benefits:

  • Offers high quality courses taught by credible authors and activities on a variety of topics such as leadership and career building, which doesn’t just help with personal development but even some university assignments too.
  • No time limit at all with subscription free of charge through your Graduate+ account.
  • A fancy new certificate you can add into your portfolio!
  • Able to assist students who are near to graduating, and will help you prepare for the next chapter of your life, no matter what industry or area you wish to enter.
  • You can connect your LinkedIn learning account to your own LinkedIn account. By doing this other professionals across the globe will be able to see your achievements and courses that you have undertook and skills, which builds up your professional background.
  • Registering for LinkedIn Learning can be submitted as an activity for your bronze Graduate+ award! Our Graduate+ advisors would be more than happy to assist you with any concerns you may have about this learning platform and will help you to tailor your specific needs and interests.

My Experiences as a Student Nurse using LinkedIn learning:

I found this source very useful in a number of ways. This resource can be used as a form of therapy and stress reliever such as “the 5 thieves of happiness”. I found this course very entertaining and philosophically stimulating, even if it was only 8 minutes. The best thing about this is you can do these courses whenever you like. As a student nurse, I find a course to do every week which not only gives me a break from university assignments but gives me a greater outlook and insight on skills needed for the workforce, skills that help me create professional relationships.

I have also completed another course called “creating first impression challenge” which I found very useful in accordance to getting any type of job in the future and will help with future interviews too. Skills I had learnt from this were the tone of voice you should adhere to as well as your semiotics/ proximity. As a student nurse, I found LinkedIn Learning to be very effective in my learning and confidence as we have to learn to be team players and leaders at some point as it is a requirement of the new nursing courses proposed by the NMC, so using this would allow me to develop these skills in the future.

This learning platform isn’t an academic requirement. It is simply there for any student to use and widen their knowledge, take up new hobbies and interests during stressful moments that you may have during university or you may be preparing for an interview. This platform tailors all needs and preferences which as a student nurse is most effective.

Get Started

Now you’ve heard from Inderjosh why LinkedIn Learning is going to be beneficial on your BCU journey it’s time for you to get involved! Check out our website to get your free account -