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Introducing Interview 360!

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Interview360 is a clever new tool where you experience a mock interview and receive feedback and advice to give yourself the best chance of success in a real interview!

Interview360 includes a large and comprehensive library of the most commonly asked interview questions along with key points to help you answer every one of them. There’s also a range of mock interviews you can take to really test your ability to come up with strong, confident, well-thought through answers under time pressure.

Different Interviews:

Interview TagLink
Architecture/Landscape Architecture/Interior Architecture and DesignADM Careers+
Events/Exhibitions/Arts project management or administrationADM Careers+
Content Creator/Copywriters/Social Media/PR/MarketingADM Careers+
Designer/makerADM Careers+
Buying/merchandising/brand or retail managementADM Careers+
Finance and AccountingBLSS Careers+
Human ResourcesBLSS Careers+
Probation Service OfficerBLSS Careers+
Legal RoleBLSS Careers+
Marketing, Advertising & PRBLSS Careers+
Built EnvironmentCEBE Careers+
Computing & ITCEBE Careers+
Digital Media/Sound/Music and FilmCEBE Careers+
EngineeringCEBE Careers+
Allied Health ProfessionalsHELS Careers+
Biomedical ScienceHELS Careers+
EducationHELS Careers+
Sports ProfessionalsHELS Careers+
NursingHELS Careers+
Social WorkHELS Careers+

You’ll get instant feedback and advice, and every question you answer will make you a stronger candidate. Make sure you check out all of our content too for the latest advice on how to shine in online interviews.

Check out the new interview 360 resource here -