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Information & Resource Portal - our new updates!

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Our NEW eLearning Hub

Today we wanted to introduce you to one of our newly updated resources that by now you should be pretty familiar with – our Information & Resource Portal.

Within the portal you can access Careers+ support, check out the Student Skills Store, a selection of online videos designed to guide you with your next presentation, no matter what format this might take. Finally, we have our new eLearning Hub, what we wanted to speak to you about today.

Videos, Articles & Hot Tips! Essentially, the hub is a selection of useful resources on a whole range of different topics, both professional & personal. Many students don’t realise just how much they have access to. The resources include short videos, podcasts, articles & hot tips, there really is something for everyone.

Topics within include just some of the following…

  • Attitude
  • Career direction 
  • Interview techniques 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Personal branding 
  • Social media
  • Creativity & innovation 
  • Language & writing 
  • Leadership 
  • Well-being (Including mental health)
  • Team working
  • Transferable skills 

Let’s Go!

We’d be here all day telling you about the different topics of content we have available, see it as your one stop shop for both academic, personal & professional development. Plus, now we are all spending more time at home than usual, it’s a great time to invest in you and develop some of your key skills, learn some new ones and plan for your future.

Finally, we also have dedicated career sections, from finding the right role for you and developing your CV, you can effectively work on a whole range of areas you’re interested in, within one easy to navigate profile – what are you waiting for?

To check out the portal visit -