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Help others over Christmas

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Today our student blogger Inderjosh Heer speaks about volunteering over Christmas with a local youth group and being positive over COVID-19.

This year has dealt with many challenges and hardships, constant change and sacrifice, however we have approached a time of festivity and celebration. But it will be completely different this year! Christmas for me may not be spending time with friends, attending Christmas parties or the German market, however I am fully making use of that time!! This Christmas, I wanted to make a difference and help others who may not have had much exposure to Christmas or brining Christmas into people’s lives who may have suffered hardships and strains during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as spending time with people I know however far they may be.


Volunteering for a local youth group really allowed me to make a change in a young person’s Christmas. I was able to arrange Christmas quizzes with amazing festive prizes, “Among Us” game nights, cooking challenges and many more. These things were able to give young people a lot more to do at home to lighten their experiences and I think it had greatly lifted their Christmas spirit! Even though it may have not been their ideal thing, i.e., baking gingerbread men over zoom!! We were still able to make it as magical and exciting as possible even if there was prize involved to lift the competitive spirit! Volunteering has also had a positive effect on me as Christmas is not always about parties but helping people is something that I have found more rewarding this year especially reflecting on what the rest of the world has faced this year!


Socials have not been the same this year either, however it was important for me to maintain and cherish the friendships and family that I have. I would often have face time calls, birthday zoom calls and much more to still actively play a role in their lives and despite the pandemic, we were still able to make long lasting memories and strengthen our friendships. I have hope that change will come soon but by reflecting on what we have all gone through, I have to say that I am proud of everyone and especially proud of all my friends and family as this time has made us realise how important we are to each other in these times!!