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Graduate+ Summer Checklist

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So, it’s the summer & you may have some free time on your hands? If you do we have the perfect solution for you in the form of a summer holiday checklist for you to complete between now & the new semester in September… we promise you it won’t take long, but will give you a great head start for the year ahead!

Summer Checklist… 

The following is a selection of online activities & courses you can complete from the comfort of your own home. Learn new skills, discover your unique personality & gain new employability skills too. What are YOU going to take part in? We hope this entices you & more can be found here via our website -

  • Profile: In essence, is an online personality profile that takes just 15 minutes to fill out. You answer a selection of yes or no questions & then receive a PDF document that outlines your personality type – invaluable information for your future!
  • JobFit: Next up we have JobFit, we warn you, it’s a lot of fun! A virtual experience game where you’re working in a generic industry role, as the levels increase, so do the responsibilities & workload given. It takes 1 hour to complete & you then receive a downloadable in-depth job report based on your score.
  • CV360: Next is CV60, an online automatic CV checker which will give you instant feedback based on your current CV. Simply upload & then you’ll receive a score out of 100. The best bit, you then get information on how to improve & can upload it again as many times as you like. This will be a beneficial thing to do now over the summer before September.
  • Blackbullion: Blackbullion is a great website to register on now, along with checking out some of the useful modules too if you like. It’s a money saving platform, but it has a modern twist that you’ll love navigating. We have to recommend the 21 day money saving Bootcamp, this will be a good time to budget your finances for the semester ahead.
  • LinkedIn Learning: If you have a LinkedIn profile, you’ll most likely be familiar with LinkedIn Learning – it’s crammed full of useful courses on a variety of different topics, whether you want to learn skills in Adobe or be better at project management, there’s something for everyone. Perhaps you could choose a selection & complete these over the summer?
  • Curriculo: Finally for our summer checklist we have Curriculo. Curriculo is a 5 level online platform which is designed to help you build on your key skills, learn new ones, & also set goals for your future, no matter where you’re heading. From learning about marketability to interview techniques & networking. Our favourite has to be on level 5 when you get to create your own career plan with set goals. Register now over the summer, & start a level if you’re up for it!

Round Up… 

For our summer checklist we’ve outlined 6 key activities for you to complete & work on over the coming months, they can all be completed at a time that suits you, wherever you are.

Don’t forget, these are just SOME of the many online resources we offer at Graduate+…

What are YOU waiting for?