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Goodbye Semester 1!

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Today we wanted to take the opportunity to give a little overview on everything that has been happening over the last semester since it started way back in September, honestly, doesn’t that seem like centuries ago. For the team here at Graduate+ especially, it’s been a busy yet productive one. Here’s a little overview of what we’ve been getting up to.

Pre Graduate+ Week

During October and November we were busy working on all things Graduate+ week, it takes a well-oiled machine to ensure everything is organised correctly. Some of these tasks that you don’t see include booking rooms, contacting external / internal partners regarding doing the workshops and events we put on, along with promoting everything to ensure you guys are aware of the amazing events and sessions we have on offer.

Finally, around this time we are always busy meeting new first year students to introduce them to everything we have on offer here at Graduate+, from resources offered to how the award works, we love coming into different lectures to speak to you all about what we offer, how you can get involved, and the best bit, how you’ll benefit from taking part, and trust us, there’s a lot of benefits!

Graduate+ Week 

This semester Graduate+ week took place between Monday 4th – Friday 8th November, it always seems to be a big build up in the months prior, and then, a little bit like Christmas Day, it just fly’s by! What was your favourite part about the week, what did you enjoy attending the most?

We had over 80 different events and workshops taking place over both of our BCU campuses, some of them included the following… public speaking classes, Go Green / volunteering / careers fairs, make your own natural beauty products, make your own bird feeder, mental health awareness sessions, goal setting, referencing, business plan writing and so much MORE… we’d be here all day if we told you about everything we had on offer.

If you didn’t have time to attend anything this time, don’t worry, our next Graduate+ week is taking place in March 2020, stay tuned for all the details which will be coming early next year.

Post Graduate+ Week 

After the fun of all things Graduate+ week we spent a great deal of time reflecting on what we achieved, it’s great to look back to see all your hard efforts. Along with this just as quickly as we finished we then turned our attention to next year’s version, we are always working towards something exciting here at Graduate+!

12 Days of Graduate+

The most recent activity we’ve been working on is a pretty exciting Christmas campaign, plus, it gives us a great excuse to think about Christmas and get festive, not that we need an excuse of course. We’ve created a campaign titled “The 12 Days of Graduate+”, the idea is that you’ll spend 12 days completing a different activity or task in relation to your Graduate+ award.

The campaign is taking place from Monday 2nd – Friday 13th December, this means that just as the semester ends for Christmas you will have a completed bronze award. Each day we’ll ask you to complete a simple task, like completing your profile, creating a LinkedIn profile, joining a society, attending a personal tutor meeting, and many more!

Keep an eye out on our social media profiles to see what we have in store for you each day.

The Graduate+ team all wish you a healthy and happy Christmas holiday and an amazing start to 2020, we look forward to seeing you all soon!