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Get Ahead With CV360!

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Is your CV work ready?

It’s been a while since we first introduced our new CV360 tool to you back in April when it launched via our eLearning Hub. It’s an automatic CV checking tool that will provide you with a score out of 100 & lots of useful feedback you can use to further develop your current CV moving forwards.

Applicant Tracking System 

Have you heard of an ATS before? When you submit your CV to a company to be considered for a job application it will most likely be firstly viewed automatically by an ATS, not an actual person, which can be a shock to some. For major brands & companies especially, it simply wouldn’t be possible for employers to read every single CV received, which is where this technology comes in.

The ATS is rigorous in its testing, and will usually test against dozens of different checks, from layout to format, key details, font, text size etc. It can be the smallest of things that means your CV doesn’t get chosen for the next stage of a job application.

This is where CV360 comes in, it will also act as an ATS & conduct over 50 individual checks – however, it will do something an ATS wouldn’t, it gives you direct feedback on how you can improve and make it the best it can be, which is why our new tool is going to be so beneficial to you when applying for different roles in the future, and it’s never too early to get started!

Refine & Develop… 

If you’re reading today’s new blog it’s likely you’ve already got a CV, so if you have spare time over the summer it’s a great time to dig out your CV & give it a few updates of different experiences you’ve had, such as part time jobs, volunteering opportunities & work placements – these can all be included on your CV.

Then when you’re happy upload to CV360 & see what score you receive, who knows, you may get a high score instantly, or you may need to add a few things from the feedback you receive. Tweaks can include changing your layout, text size, and the order of information you provide.

Careers+ Team… 

When you’re at the stage where you have a completed CV & feedback from CV360, we then encourage you to book an appointment with a member of the Careers+ team from your own faculty, they can then give you more specific advice on tailoring your CV for the jobs you’re applying for.

Book an appointment with the team here. 

Get Going!

We hope today’s post has given you some extra encouragement to spend time working on your CV over the summer, you’ll get ahead of the rest & be ready for the future interviews you attend! Find out more about CV360 & get started here.