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Today we wanted to share with you one of our favourite resources on offer here at Graduate+, but let’s be honest, every programme and tool we have is our favourite, but this one is something all students can benefit from, and the best bit, it takes just 15 minutes to complete!


The programme we’re referring to is called – it’s an online personality indicator profile which will give you a deeper insight into your own unique personality, your hidden traits, and will help you realise why you do what you do.

You may have done something similar in the past, but is in a different league, it’s much more than simply being labelled an introvert or extrovert, it is totally tailored to you and the results you receive will benefit you both in your professional and personal lives.

Why is it Unique?

During the 15 minute programme you’ll spend time answering yes or no questions, usually with some multiple choice questions included too, this is so a picture can be painted into who you are and how you work, how you interact with others and what this means.

Once the profile has been complete you’ll then be sent a downloadable PDF document with a deep insight into who you are, along with how you ranked on different personality styles, such as how you work with others, your working style etc. From a professional sense, this will mean in the future you’ll understand more about how you fit into a group working setting, something most of us have to do, whether this is within university or the workplace.

From a personal point of view this will be a useful exercise because you may realise things you hadn’t before, something that could lead to you exploring new avenues, gaining new skills etc.

Basically as you can now tell, we’re huge fans of and everything it has to offer!

Get Involved

Now you’ve heard it from us, it’s time for YOU to get involved too – check out the website to create your free profile and get started, don’t forget to tell us your experiences too, we’d appreciate any positive or constructive feedback you may have -