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Day in the Life of a Graduate+ Project Officer

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Today we thought we’d do something a little different on our blog, a complete first for the team…

One of our Graduate+ Project Officers is going to give you an insight into the typical day in the life of what the team gets up to, and spoiler alert, every single day for us is completely different. Jack shares his story here.

My Role

I’ve now been working as a Grad+ project officer since late August 2019, I’m now in the final 3 months of my year working here, and honestly, the time has totally flown by since we began last summer.

The number one thing I’d say about my role is what’s echoed above, no 2 days are the same for me, which for someone who’s creative and likes change, it’s a good thing and means I can be flexible and work on several different activities and projects at once.

Essentially, I do a little of everything! From marking the submissions you submit for your bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards, to giving talks to a lecture theatre of students about the benefits of the programme. I along with the rest of the team also perform the typical daily admin tasks that happen behind the scenes, like ordering our famous blinky pens being just one example.

We have Fun!

We’re a pretty small team at Graduate+, and trust me when I say we like to have lots of fun… our main office located on the ground floor of the Curzon building feels like a real community hub, that’s something I never realised as a student, but now I work here I can see just how many visitors the office gets, it’s a great atmosphere and I’m always meeting someone new.

Graduate+ Weeks 

During Graduate+ weeks its all hands on deck, I had the pleasure of working on 2, firstly during November and then in March. From organising workshops to welcoming visitors and taking photos for our social media platforms, it’s a busy period but a really enjoyable one.

One of my favourite memories and the most amazing opportunity for me personally was being given the chance to do my own workshop on the power of positive thinking for BCU students, it was great getting to meet students and I’ll forever be grateful that my first workshop was through Graduate+.

Finally, the best bit about the week is all the networking you get to do – remember, enterprising is one of our 4 key attributes and being a networker fits in well here, so meeting others who may be useful links in the future is always important, especially for students.

Social Media 

Finally, my most enjoyable key role has to be being the manager of the 3 social media profiles we use to promote the award, workshops and online resources to the BCU student / staff population. I schedule content weekly for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s always a joy getting to sit down and come up with fun and creative content for the week ahead.

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Your Story

Now you’ve heard Jack’s story about everything his role with us involves, it’s time for YOU to tell us yours!

We’re always on the hunt for BCU students to speak with us about their journeys and we’d love to hear from you – please email us at for further information.