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Curriculo... The Career Gamechanger!

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Today we are sharing with you a case study from a second year law student, we gave her the challenge of completing all 5 levels of Curriculo, and at the end of her journey we sat down with Olivia and asked her questions on her overall experience. We hope this entices you to check out everything the Curriculo programme has to offer, you won’t regret it!

At the start of the programme, what were your expectations of Curriculo? 

“My expectations of Curriculo was, a five level programme that would take roughly 50 hours to complete. I also had the impression that the programme would mainly consist of ‘work ready’ activities and that I would be required to undertake a massive assessment, upon learning completion, rather than a brief assessment after each level completion. 

Level 1 - Understanding Self & Strengths 

 “During level 1, I learnt my current skills/ strengths and the areas I currently had some gaps for improvements. This level of the programme also taught me a range of key capabilities that employers particularly look for and value. Such as; team working and how you can build on relationships with different individuals.” 

 Level 2 – Aligning Personal Ambitions with Employer Needs 

 “During level 2, I learnt the benefits of reflective learning. For example, learning from your mistakes and understanding how I learn as an individual. This section specifically stood out to me as, I discovered the four stages of reflective learning and how they should be used. This level also taught the rules of networking: reciprocate, share and be authentic. I also enjoyed how at the end of the level, a range of networking books were displayed for further reading and development. A particular book that captured me was ‘Never Eat Alone’ by Keith Ferrazzi.”

Level 3 – Building a Personal Profile that Appeals to Employers

 “During level 3, I learnt an interesting yet surprising fact, in regards to creating my brand matrix and personal statement: “80% of employers believe that young people leaving education are ill prepared for the world of work”. This definitely stood out to me as, I aim to ensure that I exceptionally display all my work competencies.

Level 4 – Selling yourself at Interview 

 “During level 4, I was already quite familiar with using the STAR technique, as I have achieved my Platinum award, so I had plenty of practice using this technique. To continue, I was presented with several animations which displayed an interview setting and examples of the STAR technique being used. It was useful to learn that failing to use the technique during an interview could result in; not fully answering the questions being asked, missing vital information, therefore giving an inadequate account for yourself.”

 Level 5 – Researching and Developing your Personal Career Plan

 “During level 5, I discovered what a successful Career Plan should consist of. These include; ambition, experience, qualifications, people and goals. For my Career Plan, I was required to complete a brief PDF form to list all of the above. What stood out to me most whilst completing level 5, was how useful and necessary a Career Plan is.”

How did you find completing the Personal Brand Matrix? What did this involve? What was the experience like? Did it make you consider things differently? 

“I found completing the Personal Brand Matrix a positive experience, as I had the opportunity to consider information I already have about myself, based on my self- analysis and also trusted others. 

This involved downloading a separate PDF document and completing the following tasks: 

1) My skills

2) My strengths

3) Integrity

4) Achievement

5) Loyalty 

6) Self development 

7) Personal statement 

8) And then a fun ‘Tweet it’ task. 

The experience was challenging as it was one of the longer parts of the programme. This therefore, required more time to work on this. However, my experience on completing this section was very worth-while, as I have learnt several factors.”

How did you find completing the Career Plan? What did this involve? What was the experience like? Did it make you consider things differently? 

“I found completing the Career Plan very useful as, clear steps were displayed. Such as: self- assessment and gap analysis. 

This involved me completing a ‘Self-Assessment’, which required me to discuss what I already know about myself. I have also learnt a lot more about myself and discovered that I actually know a bit more than I think!” 

How did you find completing the Work Based Assignment? What did this involve? What was the experience like? Did it make you consider things differently?

“I found completing the Work Based Assignment informative as, it covered how performance is measured and how to make contact with key staff. The experience was easy yet enjoyable and effective. Completing the Work Based Assignment, made me consider the following differently: am to practice on doing further research on law firms. As these organisations will be similar to the one I wish to start.  I aspire to have my own law firm in hopefully 5 years’ time.”

During the programme, what stood out to you and why? 

“What stood out to me most was, learning about ‘Networking’. This stood out to me as, it is something I personally need to work on. Another part of the programme that stood to me was, the importance of having my own ‘Personal Brand Matrix’. As this can be used to help support me with writing a successful personal statement.

What skills do you think you have developed and how? 

Firstly, I have developed the skills of analysis and research. I have learnt this skill, from completing level five- researching and developing your personal career plan. Which required me to write a 3000 word report to use for my career development. 

Secondly, I have developed my networking skills, by discovering the range of ways you can connect with different people. I have also developed the following skill, team working. I did this by completing level 1- session 4, where I was given the task of identifying my key strengths. 

What advice do you have to students considering completing the programme? 

“Hello, my names Olivia and I’m a second year Law student. My advice to other students, considering the programme would be to DO IT! You’ll not only gain so much new knowledge, but you’ll also gain an extra reward. As a student myself, I understand that we can sometimes easily be put off by doing extra activities outside university. But Curriculo will give you a much better insight into everything needed to be successful in your chosen career path. Remember to enjoy the experience and good luck!”

On completion of the programme, how did your expectations match? 

“My expectations more or less matched upon completion of the programme. The only difference was, I didn’t expect as much detail in the course itself. However, this made it surprisingly more interesting.”

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