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Completing my Bronze award

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Hello, my name is Humera Mumtaz and I am a first year Law-LLB student for Criminal Justice. The Graduate+ Bronze Award was an essential component for the assessments in the Foundations in Professional Skills module, which was completed during my 1st semester.

The award consists of 12 activities, which reflected skills that are relevant to my degree. Through attending induction week, some activities were able to be accomplished, such as the courtroom exercise. The remaining were selected based on whether I would find them useful and convenient. Uploading my CV on CV360 was elected due to it providing an insight on the drawbacks on certain aspects of my CV. This allowed me to adapt my CV to eloquently transmit my skills, personality, experience and other beneficiaries that I can provide to the role. It also gave the opportunity to increase the scope on my other competencies and demonstrate my adaptability to various environments. Moreover, I also opted for the task of creating a Profile, which identified my assets and limitations through a personality report. I was able to realise my flaws were within my confidence and guilt for failing to complete tasks at a high subjective standard. This encouraged action to be taken to minimise these weaknesses, such as: seizing volunteering opportunities which would expand on confidence.

Furthermore, I utilised the resources available on Graduate+ Week to attend sessions held, which assisted in the completion of the award. For example: I attended the Turnitin and plagiarism event. This clarified how to boost the quality of my assessments, correctly use the referencing system and avoid academic misconduct. Consequently, I was able to build on my aptitudes, such as professionalism and being work ready.

Following the attainment of my Bronze Award, I was able to begin my Silver Award. By doing this, I am able to be advantaged through activities being accomplished at my leisure. As various activities all consist of 50 hours being completed for each of the 4 segments, I am completing 50 hours of volunteering. This is being completed as a Graduate+ champion and being a part of the Graduate+ team. Subsequently, I am able to enhance my experience and further gain skills, such as confidence, as this is outside my comfort zone.

Therefore, my Bronze Award was completed by taking initiative and choosing activities based on the resources available to me and their benefits. Additionally, I recommend that following the Bronze Award, the Silver Award should be considered and attempted rather than procrastinating and delaying it. This would decrease stress and give you more time to pick the activities preferred and complete them.