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Celebration Week Daily Digest: Final Day Reflections

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That’s it folks…we are sadly closing out on our virtual Celebration Week festivities but we can say it’s truly been a blast! Ending the week on the theme of Reflection, we take this moment to look back at some of the wonderful Graduate+ memories and achievements, which would in no way exist without all of you!

First and foremost, a huge congratulations to all our super award achievers over the past year and since our inception, and thank you to you all! We have enjoyed every moment meeting BCU students and graduates, hearing about your skills and experiences and having the chance to support so many of you on your journey through the programme. We feel extremely lucky!

And since the numbers do the talking, we thought what a great way to share just how far we’ve come together…

The Facts & Stats

A whopping 17,643 students and graduates have registered to the programme since we started back in 2016! With over 50,000 Bronze submissions, translating to over 3000 Bronze award achievers – and that’s just the beginning…

772 of you have achieved Silver, 409 have Gold and 65 of you have gone that extra, extra mile to achieve your Platinum award – AMAZING job, all of you!

(*data true as of 1st June 2020).

Check out the below montage which we have put together with the help of some of our friends, to commemorate the good times, send our well wishes to one another and as a reminder of the wonderful BCU & Graduate+ community we are all a part of.

Can you spot any familiar faces?!

Thank you x3! to every single person who has sent in their quotes, clips and pics, and to every one of you who have joined us in this celebration and ever interacted with the award and our Graduate+ Weeks. The team have been so touched by all of your sentiments and we cannot wait to be reunited once the office re-opens!

We would not be where we are without you and today has been a true testament of what keeps driving us forward…

If you are reading this and wanting to know how you can start your Graduate+ journey, we have a range of tutorials available to book with the team here and we look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Until then, let’s see how we ended the week on high note (excuse the pun!), and in true Grad+ spirit with a celebration sing-along courtesy of our friend Anthony Daulphin. Enjoy!