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Celebration Week Daily Digest: Day 3 Leadership

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Daily Digest: Day 3 Leadership

Happy Hump Day! Back again with the lowdown of all the happenings of Celebration Week, and today’s instalment was centred on the theme of leadership – kicking off with the grand question, “What does being a leader mean to you?”

We shared thought-provoking TED Talks by Simon Sinek speaking on ‘How great leaders inspire action’, followed by Peter Anderton’s whistle stop tour through centuries of leadership, where he tells us why everything we need to know about leadership comes down to only two rules.

Speaker Series:

For today’s guest speaker slot, we reached out to the experts and had professional leadership coach, Louise Teboul of Common Purpose UK give us her insight on what it means to be a leader. Louise gives real, tangible and useful advice on how to become a great leader, which we learnt means also to be a great follower. You may want to grab a pen and paper and starting taking notes! Great nuggets of wisdom coming your way…

Spotlight on: Birmingham Leaders

Next, we took a look back at the 2019 list of #Brum30under30 most inspiring young talent. The campaign showcases some of Birmingham’s inspiring leaders doing good for our communities and striving for positive change – also featuring 2 of our very own BCU students! Take a look below:

We saw the last instalment of Andy Woodall for the week, today he spoke on the topic of resilience - a key trait which most leaders possess, but the ability to bounce-back from challenges and change is truly an important quality for us all. A definite must-watch!

With everything we watched and heard today, it’s clear there is no one simple answer to what it means to be a leader, but one thing for certain is that it really only requires one person to be a catalyst for change – is that you?

Join us tomorrow for the penultimate day, where we will be bringing the evermore important theme of community to our socials, and your last chance to get involved in the two competitions we have running until the end of the week (both with a £50 Amazon voucher giveaway)!

Be there or be squared!

Quote of the day: “Leadership is not just about giving energy…it’s about unleashing other people’s energy.” – Paul Poleman