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Build Your Employability with JobFit!

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Today we wanted to reintroduce you to the world of JobFit – a virtual online experience which helps you build on and gain new skills that will be beneficial for your future career, no matter what industry you enter after graduation.

What Is It?

Essentially, it’s like navigating a typical online game made up of different levels, it takes approximately 1 hour to complete and once finished you’ll be scored based on how well you did in undertaking your job, this will be a useful report to look at and then from here you can continue to build on your key skills in the real world, so it’s fun and beneficial too!

Within JobFit you’re working in a hotel as a concierge, from delivering food to dealing with customer complaints and general management duties, it’s a lot harder than you may think, and aims to test how well you work under pressure where you’re given multiple tasks to juggle at once – trust us, it will leave you hooked from the first minute.

What You’ll Get

 As detailed above, once you’ve finished the game you’ll receive the following reports that give you a further breakdown of your score:

  • Virtual Job Report – Your own 2 page summary of your key strengths, areas for development, and a breakdown of employability related competencies. 
  • Development Report – A detailed 6 page report of your future development, along with recommendations tailored to you.
  • Interview Guide – An in-depth overview of how to prepare for your upcoming interviews, plus, it’s tailored to your own JobFit results too!

Get Going

Now we’ve told you about all the wonderful benefits to the world of JobFit it’s time for you to get started, check out the website to create your free account -