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Are YOU a coffee lover?

Today we are highlighting just SOME of Birmingham’s best coffee shops! If you aren’t a fan of coffee, don’t fear, many of these establishments serve multiple options of drinks, from herbal teas to velvety hot chocolate, there is something for all tastes.

We are all familiar with the major coffee chains this country has to offer, so today we are shining a light on some of the city’s best independent outlets that are now back open & ready to provide you with your caffeine fix.

Boston Tea Party 

Although this is a chain, this family-run chain has grown from strength to strength in recent years, with 3 separate locations in Birmingham alone!

It has a casual and relaxed atmosphere that just doesn’t compare, the main location on Corporation St is a must if you’re into people watching. Along with some beautiful coffee varieties on offer there is also a food menu crammed full with comfort food, seasonal dishes & organic produce, so if you’re feeling indulgent or health conscious you won’t be disappointed.

To view the menu online & opening hours check out the website here.

The Steamhouse 

Next up we have The Steamhouse, it’s a fairly recent addition to the city which is located on Temple Row. The bakery is known for it’s legendary bagels, there are different variations of baked goods each day, and we highly recommend the red velvet cookie sandwiches, which takes indulgent to a whole new level! There is a decent amount of coffee varieties too, so whatever you’re into, there is sure to be something to tickle your taste buds.

Check out the website to find out more.

200 Degrees

Although there are multiple locations UK wide, 200 Degrees are independent coffee shops, meaning each one you visit will have a different vibe & menu offering, what could be better than that?

The Colmore Row store in the city is a total haven for coffee lovers, the shop actually roast their own house blend of coffee, an exotic combination of Vietnamese Robusta and Colombian Arabica beans. If coffee isn’t your thing they also bake their own loaded sandwiches & yummy cakes daily, plus, we’ve personally tried the peach ice tea which is a dream during the summer months!

Find out more & plan your next visit here.

Cherry Red’s 

If you’re from the city you have most definitely heard of Cherry Red’s, it has 2 locations, 1 in Kings Heath and the 2nd is in the city centre, just behind Grand Central so it’s a great location if you want to unwind with something delicious.

There is something special about the place that you just can’t describe, you need to visit for yourself & take in the chilled atmosphere, it’s popular with students & adults alike. Along with a great coffee variety there is a large selection of food, what you’d typically find in a restaurant, from burgers to American style pancakes and vegan options too.

Check out the website to find out more here.

Damascena Birmingham 

The fifth and final recommendation we have for today is the popular Damascena, which has 3 separate locations within Birmingham, and really is something special.

It’s a Middle Eastern haven right in the city centre, if you love coffee this is the place for you! From Arabian blends to Turkish, you can’t get this from just any typical coffee shop.

There is a wide range of food options too, it’s like travelling overseas without having to leave the city, what more could you want?

Check out the website for more information here.

In the Mood for Coffee?

All of this coffee shop talk has got us craving a coffee, do you agree? We hope these recommendations are useful for when you’re next in the city centre and want to try something different to a typical chain. Let us know your recommendations via our social media profiles!