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Birmingham City University Students Union

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Birmingham City University- Students Union central service.

Did you know that as a member of Birmingham City University you are AUTOMATICALLY a member of the Students Union. The student union promote a great student experience for all 23,000 Birmingham City University students to ensure you get the most out of your student experience.

Visions and values

The main purpose of the Students union here at BCU is to “empower students with the means to shape their own lives"

This is done by:

  •  Connecting students into a diverse network of student-led communities.
  •  Actively seek and listen to student concerns as well as new ideas in order to best represent and serve their interests at all times.
  • Deliver effective support to students who need independent advice.

There are 4 core values within the students union are as follows

Think big:

  • Be ambitious 
  • Have the courage you need to make your ideas a reality
  • Be inspiring

Long term not short term

  • Finish what we start
  • Begin with a goal in mind
  • Always evaluate the process before you reach the goal

Communication, Communication, Communication

  • Listen and respond
  • Keep people up to date with timely, honest and open conversations
  • Use plain English to avoid confusion and further misunderstanding

YES we can!

  • Be positive
  • Get involved
  • Work together

The Birmingham City University students union prioritise these key, three things:


  • Actively ensure the interest in the Graduate+ scheme
  • Increase the awareness of employment opportunities
  • Provide volunteering opportunities for students
  • Work with the university to ensure the availability of award-earning credit on offer.

Academic student voice

  • Continue to invest, protect and expand the student representation system
  • Expand our communications to ensure awareness
  • Ensure that all student representatives and student academic leaders receive high level training to ensure that all standards are established and met.

Sense of belonging 

Stimulate awareness of the BCUSU brand to allow all student and staff to become aware of the union and what they stand for

Develop both digital and physical communities for students

Spread awareness of the ease to set up societies within reason.

For students, it is beneficial to visit the BCUSU website for yourself at: just to explore exactly what the students union has to offer and how it may become beneficial to you as an individual. On the website there is a help centre focused on; health and wellbeing, housing, money and academic help.

Quote of the week: “It’s not all about being included. It is about creating your own space, including yourself and then finding people that are alike” ~ Sophia Amoruso.