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BCUSU Is Here For YOU!

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BCUSU is here for YOU!

Today we wanted to take the opportunity to remind you about a key BCU service and community you all have access to, no matter what course you’re studying or faculty you’re in – every student is a part of the Birmingham City University Students Union.

The BCUSU is a registered charity, it’s independent from the university and is run by five elected officers – a President and four Vice Presidents, supported by both staff and students.

In essence, BCUSU is here for all students and will help you in your university journey – check out the website to discover what the union can do for you throughout your time at BCU:

BCUSU Societies!

So, how can YOU get involved in the BCUSU action?

There is a number of clubs and societies you can join when coming to BCU, there is over 100 and there truly is something for everyone… here is just a small taste of what is available here, and plus, if you don’t see something you like you also have the option of creating your own society with a minimum of 10 students needed to start yours.

  • Bollywood Society
  • Burlesque 
  • Yoga and Dance Societies 
  • Mental Health Society
  • LGBTQ+ Society
  • Polo, Rock Climbing and Cheerleading Societies 
  • Media and Music Societies 
  • Business Society 
  • Women’s Society
  • Italian Society

To find a society for you check out the line-up here:

Get Advice

The BCUSU isn’t just about societies and fun, it’s also a great place to get advice.

The Advice Centre is a professional, impartial, confidential and non-judgemental service, providing advice, support and representation to help you resolve your problems – academic advice, health & wellbeing, housing and money are just some of the topics covered for you.

Find out more & log an enquiry here -

Jobs on Campus

Finally, if all of the above wasn’t enough the union also can provide student jobs whilst on campus – from representing your faculty as a Student Representative or working in one of the BCU shops, there are many options for you to consider when you arrive with us.

Get Involved

So, that’s our mini round-up today on all things BCUSU! Why not take the time now to browse the society list, or if you really want to, you can delve into the roles each officer has and the promises they have made to support you over the next academic year.